The Lantern Festival in the ward is sweet and warm

2022-08-07 0 By

“Grandma Feng, today is the Lantern Festival, is also your birthday, we send yuanxiao and longevity noodles for you, I wish you happiness as the East China Sea, longevity than nanshan, a speedy recovery.”In Beijing LongFu hospital respiratory, wish a happy birthday song broke the quiet room, medical researchers hands holding the warm longevity noodles and wrapped the blessing lantern came to the feng grandma’s side, the original is von 88 – year – old grandma’s birthday today, medical staff are ready early, have a surprise for grandma.Grandma Feng saw everyone happy from ear to ear, holding the hands of the medical staff excitedly said: “Thank you children, let me have such a memorable Yuanxiao Reunion Festival, I feel like at home, it’s so good to have you.”Sweet in the mouth and warm in the heart, Beijing Longfu Hospital has always been committed to the cause of health for the elderly, adheres to the original intention of serving the elderly, delivers warmth, care, healing and companionship to the elderly, and provides the majority of patients with warm, attitude and high level of medical services.”Old people have blessings, blessings for the elderly”.