Suining County will carry out the physical examination for conscription in spring 2022 in an orderly manner

2022-08-07 0 By

Rednetwork Moment On February 9th, Suining County in 2022 spring conscription physical examination work orderly launched, 67 eligible young people organized by the county people’s Armed Forces to participate in the physical examination center of the county people’s Hospital.In the physical examination center, the staff of the county People’s Armed Forces Department and the county People’s Hospital strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements, strictly enforce the conscription physical examination threshold, each link in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements and conscription examination standards for physical examination.”I have always dreamed of becoming a soldier, hoping to have the opportunity to exercise myself in the army and make a contribution to the country,” he said.Young applicants hu Jiayi said in the physical examination center to join the army to serve the country if the dream is realized, he is ready for long-term development in the army, dedicated to the cause of national defense.It is reported that the physical examination time is from February 9 to 10, divided into two batches, the county is expected to 150 young candidates in the county people’s Hospital physical examination center for physical examination, the county is scheduled to arrange after the Spring Festival of political examination and pre-service training, to ensure that the spring of 2022 recruitment of high quality.