How bold!Eliminate bad credit records with fake official documents

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Lu Jinzeng, Wang Jixuegaoxin report (Reporter Lu Jinzeng, correspondent Wang Jixuegaoxin) Some unemployed people in order to eliminate bad credit records for customers, many times sold forged state organs official documents, after eliminating bad credit records, was found by the bank staff and the police.The three defendants were sentenced and fined respectively in the first instance of the case, which involved forging and selling official documents of state organs and forging seals of public institutions, according to the lixia District People’s Procuratorate in Jinan, Shandong Province.Zheng runs a technology limited company, its main business is to eliminate bad credit records for customers.In 2019, Zheng met hu, who made fake seals, documents and certificates and sold them on wechat.Therefore, Zheng mou arranged employee Zhang mou and Hu mou contact for many times, to buy forged official documents of state organs.In December 2020, Zheng received a customer to eliminate bad bank credit records business, in the process of operation, the bank required to provide the relevant documents issued by the public security organs.In order to obtain commissions, Zheng contacted Hu to forge documents of public security organs, and stamped forged public security organs seals on three documents.Later, when the customer submitted the three fake documents in the credit card department of a bank in Lixia District, the bank staff found them and reported them to the police.After the incident, the public security organ immediately carried out a search of Hu’s residence, seized its forged, bought and sold a total of 20 copies of state organ documents, forged public institution seals a total of 38.Official documents were also found in the case of Jeong and Jang.In the end, the court sentenced the defendant Hu mou to commit the crime of forging, buying and selling official documents of state organs, the crime of forging the seal of public institutions, the two crimes were punished concurrently, and decided to execute a fixed-term imprisonment of two years and two months, and a fine of 16,000 yuan.The defendant Zheng mou, Zhang mou committed the crime of buying and selling official documents of state organs, were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of one year and three months to the punishment of probation, and the fine.None of the defendants appealed the verdict.Source: Procuratorial Daily