Wear book text: she wear evil female match, the task is to match bully sum she, male master but pester her not to put

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Hello everyone, I heard that you are short of books again, but you can’t find any novels that you are interested in. Today, I would like to recommend some good novels to you. If you like, don’t miss it!Book shortage quickly collect!She is dressed as a vicious female match, the task is to match the total bully female, male but pestered her.”Wear the book in the small white text when female main” novel introduction: because ridicule small white text wear into when the heroine inside?Guide male leading role also calculate, why the task will be in the last hour to remind deduction points!Difficulty system too big how to break!Wood line double line wait urgent.Highlights: “The cultural and entertainment committee organized a program on the day after work, the National Day performance.Bulletin boards should also be prepared.Come to the office for some tea.”The class in an uproar, strange call of the strange call, clap table of clap table, very lively.Wood line double looked back at the blackboard, thinking how to draw, their hands and feet temporarily not neat, raise your hands and draw on the stool are not convenient, worry.Not for a while more than tea returned to the classroom, bless the teacher in the back also walked into the classroom again: “which classmate can draw?Suliman may not be handy.”Everyone stopped noisy, look at the wood line double, then in the class sweep, see water hands up.Xu Wenjing slowly raised his hand, provocative looked at the wood line double: “the teacher will.”Bless the teacher nod to agree, choose good person, just want to go, Xu Wenjing said again: “I write not good-looking, I see more than tea write good-looking, can with me?”Bless the teacher steps did not stop toward the classroom outside: “you are responsible for.”Wood line double heart gas, ah, at the beginning she asked if she could find someone to help, is to know that the male master has been practicing calligraphy, when the pit tea together in the evening, I paint to you write you nong I nong, was robbed of the small broken child and lines!Can’t endure!You went after me, and I went after you!So to meet the National Day of the preparatory work began, the entertainment committee selected five good girls said together.Xu Wenjing does not attend, this aspect she is very forthright: “MY hands and feet are not coordinated will not join in the excitement.And I’m going to draw a blackboard.”The entertainment committee is learned to dance, she called a few girls together, said he went back to see which dance, and then brought the MP4 to practice together.Introduction to the novel: Lu Cheng is the villain NPC in the book. He is handsome and rich. According to the setting, he is deeply in love with liu Qianqian, the author and heroine.Until that day, he heard liu Qianqian heart monologue.”Lu Cheng, come here and confess to me. I will refuse you gently.””……”Lu Cheng was silent for a long time and went directly to the secretary beside him.”Secretary Li, here are the flowers for you. I hope you like them.”Liu fine fine:” woo ~ supporting villain ignored me, BUT I have to he vindicate to continue the plot, now how to do it?”Best clip: “Dad, what did I do now?”If according to the previous situation, Lu Cheng would have already knelt.But today I am in a bad mood, and uncle gave a magic weapon in, his wings also follow hard so a little.”Hey!”Lu Hundred hands of the belt pa sound, directly hit the leather sofa on the side.As for villains, almost all of them have a powerful father. Otherwise, how could they send dishes to the protagonist in the name of revenge for their son?According to Liu Qianqian’s idea, Lu Baiqiang highly advocates force and is a layman disciple of the Big Buddhist temple. His biggest hobby is practicing martial arts.Though fifty-five years old, he is still very strong, and if he ever got into a fight, he would have been worth seven or eight young boys.This belt goes down, did not leave a hand again, that sofa bang, abruptly burst open a hole.”Watch TV by yourself!”Lu Cheng turned his head and looked at the super-clear large-screen TV worth tens of thousands of yuan, which was playing a small video.It was the part where he dumped the girl.”Dad, don’t you always want me to break up with Liu? Shouldn’t you be happy that I do this?”Lu Baiqiang’s hard lines suddenly pull to both sides, press the remote control, the picture turns, and another video.It was the part where he beat Ye Changfeng in the face and saved Liu Qianqian.”What is it, then?””This, although we make break off, can total can’t see dead not to help, this is not to violate your old people often say chivalrous?””Fart!The seven wolves in the hands of Chen Baiqiang growled.”After wearing the book, bully always let me take the stable female main script” novel introduction: Ning Yan wears the vicious female match in the dog blood abuse article, the task is to match bully total and the original book heroine!Nyeon: Isn’t that easy?The results…For the first time, became a male tragic childhood left a deep impression of the vicious female match, looking at the immediate disgraced but lovable male master.She could not help but put down the hands of the stone, began to take a stick to help men hit four directions.Isn’t she the perfect match for all the bad stuff?Why are you holding a script?Best clip: “Never mind. Don’t miss the right time.”Ningyan hesitated for a second, or resigned like the plaque walked past: “I quickly, good nursing home off the plaque always a little uncomfortable.””Don’t worry about it all, I will.”Carefully holding up the plaque, Nyeon looked at the dust on her hands, took out a small bag of wet wipes from her shoulder bag and wiped them briefly.Side brush, Ningyan left and right to think, also did not want to understand the side of which can have a relationship with the nursing home.Is it a relative of the hero, or the heroine?”Yes, Shao Yu’s grandmother lives here.””In the original text, the woman tracked Shao Yu and made a remark to her grandmother, which made the old man angry and fainted, and also became a key point of the relationship between Shao Yu Ningyan completely broken,” the system said.The system looks at the host, who has missed a lot of good opportunities by chance, and says, “This time, you have to do it smoothly. You can’t just muddle through.”The system does not explicitly say: “So my performance will be very low!”Ning Yan guiltily wipe nose, also have nothing to say.Indeed, the wicked actress hasn’t shown any of her personality so far.Sighed and walked closer.At first glance, the building was shabby but clean and generous.The security room at the door was empty, but on closer inspection, all the electronics were still working.But somehow, the door is not locked, it is convenient ning Yan easily squeezed into the side.After entering the hospital, in the middle stood a large stone tablet, located in the middle of the flower bed, a circle of lush green, the middle is also tangled with unknown bright yellow flowers, but has a different kind of vitality.The book list of this issue is shared. Do you like the novel introduced in this issue?If you like, you can add them to the bookshelf. We will give you amway novels every day.Abusive heart president: she loved him for so many years, but did not expect to finally married his father by a strange combination of circumstances through the field text: she dressed as a hunter’s little girl, space in hand, plant medicine to save people, cure rich rich family abusive love: “President Shen, your woman in my hand, want to save her, take out 100 million” genius lovely baby:”Daddy, did you leave Mommy for her?”She was personally sent to prison by the man she loved deeply, and was pushed to hell after being released