Tong Jincheng grandmother gave the criteria for choosing a spouse: be diligent and honest, do not look for a beautiful wife

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A lot of people are called jiangnan first affectionate child on a “pioneering” to make friends, do when live, to present the ability to make friends is very prominent, may everybody can see, just play, but can let the audience friends to see with relish, is the child on this a great about outstanding host,Also makes this anchor in a short period of more than half a year, the popularity of the rapid rise, has become a popular outdoor anchor in the whole network.Coming all the way, in jiangnan first affectionate child on live, let us see many female partner program effect is very good, some of which have no lack of high degree and high level of appearance, even looks more features, here have to ahead of time more hot sister watermelon is one of them.So for this anchor, Tong Jincheng is not small, because of the broadcast content, in fact, Tong Jincheng has always felt that he can not find true love.Although jiangnan first deep feeling tong Jincheng is really very good, but has not been able to find their favorite object.So, what is tong Jincheng’s criteria for choosing a spouse?Although tong did not make it clear during the live broadcast, his grandmother also pointed out his criteria for choosing a mate when he interacted with her.As we all know, Tong Jincheng has a very good relationship with his grandmother, and there are grandma’s exit on various occasions, which is actually a relatively rare phenomenon among the major anchors of the whole network, so grandma said, Tong Jincheng is basically listening to.And grandma is also experienced, in these aspects are more experienced, so it is the truth, grandma mouth of the mate standard, in fact, with tong Jincheng’s heart think the gap is quite big.Grandma said, in fact, for the future, tong Jincheng’s standard of mate selection is also three requirements, the first requirement is diligent, the second requirement is a bit more honest, the third requirement is not too beautiful, general appearance on the line.This is also standing in the perspective of an elder, to his grandson’s advice, and it is estimated that tong Jincheng in the mind of the standard of mate selection has a huge gap.Grandmother Tong Jincheng said that it is not necessary to be rich, because if you work hard, you can earn your own money and make your own food and clothing.Honesty is the quality of a person, as for not too beautiful, tong Jincheng is directly surprised, to know that Tong Jincheng usually in the live broadcast, and some female partners, it can be said is a drift than a.So for the majority of small partners, for tong Jincheng grandma gives this kind of mate standards have what views?