The inspection of 270 mixing plant manufacturers must ask these questions

2022-08-06 0 By

270 mixing station as a common concrete equipment, its market demand is relatively high.As users in the purchase of 270 mixing station, will also encounter problems.When most users buy 270 mixing station, they will go to inspect the manufacturer, but what questions should they ask after arriving at the manufacturer?I’m sure it’s not clear to you.Now let xiaobian to explain it to you.Since we want to make a field visit to the 270 mixing station manufacturer, we need to think about what questions to ask. Most of us need to figure out the following questions: First of all, users need to know whether the qualification and other materials of the manufacturer are complete. Regular manufacturers have complete qualifications, which is also a guarantee for users.Cooperate with regular manufacturers or purchase equipment, so the rights and interests of users will not be damaged.Secondly, users need to ask how the production strength of manufacturers, such as the production scale of manufacturers is not big, production management is not strict, 279 mixing station annual output is not high.A manufacturer with large scale, strict management and production, and high annual output of production equipment, then the equipment products created by the natural and stable operation, the probability of failure is also very low.What about the after-sales service system of the manufacturer?Whether there is a professional after-sales maintenance team, whether it can timely deal with user equipment problems.All these are the guarantee for users to use the equipment later.If users purchase the 270 mixing plant, there is a failure but they cannot find the after-sales service for timely maintenance, which will delay a lot of things for users.In fact, inspection of 270 mixing station manufacturers not only to ask the above problems, there are many small problems need to ask, which according to their own needs to ask.If the user has no experience to these, you can find knowledgeable friends to participate in the inspection of manufacturers.