Sharing digital finance, Dehua Angu Life Insurance started the “March 15” education promotion week

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Recently, DE hua gu life announced the launch of a 2022 “3 · 15” consumer rights and interests protection education week activities, focusing on “mutual consumer fair share digital financial activity theme, actively implement the online and offline activities, cooperate with related series of activities, to protect consumers’ rights and interests, help build a harmonious finance ecological environment lead the way.DE hua an in life as by the shandong state-owned assets investment holding co., LTD and Germany Ann gu group co., LTD., Germany, on life insurance co., LTD jointly established national life insurance company, committed to provide consumers with personalized products and services, and is committed to become the most digital market recognition, the user experience the best life insurance service provider, the optimalConscientiously fulfill corporate responsibilities and contribute to the construction of digital finance.”3 · 15” education during the week, DE hua gu life in order to “promote consumer fair share digital financial” slogan for activity, closely around the theme of the event, focusing on special groups, specific area, and use of digital technology, expand the scope of financial services, promote to solve the “digital divide”, and to carry out the pertinence, distinctive education campaign,Further enhance the risk identification ability and prevention awareness of consumers, at the same time, vigorously promote integrity education and integrity culture construction, practice integrity service, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers:One is focused on the elderly and other special groups, creating healthy to endowment digital service system of the whole industry chain, and the financial trade cooperation together to provide clients with more comprehensive health and pension system, advance the optimum aging insurance service, pay attention to the elderly using intelligent technical difficult problem, increase the elderly special group application software and supporting services such as construction,Establish remote meeting rooms, aerial customer service, 400 special lines for the elderly, and offline green service channels for the elderly, improve the experience of intelligent technology services for elderly consumers, and strengthen the protection of financial rights and interests of special groups.Second, focus on a particular area, using digital technology to expand financial service breadth and depth, eight basic rights and complaints for financial consumers rights relief way, such as wide-ranging education propaganda, through DE hua gu life since the official media online means such as matrix and Ann gu winner APP to people and cannot reach branch networks without region education propaganda,Consumers are reminded to be alert to the infringement of illegal “agency rights protection” activities, and refuse to participate in malicious complaints that violate insurance contract provisions, provide false information, and fabricate facts, so as to realize deeper consumer fairness and enhance consumers’ sense of service acquisition.The third is to focus on rights and interests education, actively carry out risk education in the daily insurance sales and service process, remind the majority of customer groups to pay attention to prevent illegal fundraising, illegal lending, financial fraud and other illegal financial activities, especially to remind the elderly consumers to “not disorderly investment”, establish rational investment, value investment concept;Remind young consumers to “refrain from disorderly lending”, popularize basic financial knowledge, advocate rational borrowing and consumption concept, and stay away from the infringement of campus non-performing network loans.Fourth, focus on honesty and trustworthiness, open disclosure of company information to consumers in accordance with regulatory requirements, broaden online and offline consultation channels, conduct quality inspection for business teams, strengthen integrity education for managers at all levels and staff in the field, and consolidate the foundation of integrity.At the same time, the company actively uses diversified means to resolve conflicts and disputes over insurance consumption, organizes “General Manager Reception Day” activities, properly handles consumer complaints, and earnestly protects the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.From special groups such as the elderly to specific areas of service;From the rights and interests of all social groups to the integrity of the business team legal education.Dehua Angu Life insurance has always taken consumers as the center, focusing on the protection of consumer rights and interests.On this basis, we continue to practice corporate social responsibility, provide customers with appropriate insurance services, and at the same time, send warmth to consumers, and contribute to the digital finance industry!(Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidian)