Return warning!Traffic police issue safe travel tips

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In order to avoid traffic congestion and prevent road accidents, traffic police issued a safety travel alert for people returning home during the Spring Festival holiday in Henan Province on Feb 3.Lunar New Year holiday last two days, especially on February 6th (people) cool weather and return on time, snow ice slippery, please arrange round-trip time, early know that risk ratings and destination epidemic prevention and control policy and weather conditions, please arrange return ahead of time, completes the disease prevention and control.According to the weather forecast of the provincial meteorological station, on February 5th, it will be cloudy in the west and southwest, and there will be small to medium snow in some areas in the evening.Sunny to cloudy in other areas.On The 6th, it was overcast, with light to moderate snow in the south of the Yellow River, and heavy snow in the western and southern parts of the province.Other areas have light or scattered snow.On July 7, it was overcast in the whole province, with light snow in the south of the Huaihe River, and sporadic light snow gradually stopped between the Yellow and Huai rivers.Due to cold air diffusion and snowfall, the maximum temperature in most areas south of the Yellow River dropped by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius from June 6 to 7.This year’s Spring Festival holiday cross-region travel, home visit passenger flow traffic compared with the same period of the previous year significantly reduced;This year’s Spring Festival holiday travel mainly by passenger cars, traffic volume will appear “low before high” characteristics.It is expected that there will be a large traffic flow in the expressway sections around Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Kaifeng and other key cities, as well as the bottleneck sections of expressway junction, interchange entrance and toll station exit during the return concentrated period on February 6, the last day of the holiday.The expressway sections with large traffic flow are mainly concentrated in Zhengzhou Putian and Xinzheng Xuchang sections of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Liujiang Yellow River Bridge section, Zhengzhou section of Lianhuo Expressway, Zhengzhou Section of Zheng-Luan Expressway and Xinzheng Shizu Mountain tunnel section, Xinmi section of Zheng-Shaozhou Expressway and Xuchang Section of Xuguang Expressway, etc. Please reasonably plan the travel routes back from holidays in advance.Henan highway police clew: the lunar New Year holiday last two days, especially on February 6th (people) cool weather and return on time, snow ice slippery, please arrange round-trip time, early know that risk ratings and destination epidemic prevention and control policy and weather conditions, please arrange return ahead of time, completes the disease prevention and control.02 Fast fast holiday road accidents, this way to deal with safety, fast and convenient.In the case of minor property damage accidents such as vehicle scratching during the Spring Festival holiday driving, both parties shall reach an agreement through consultation to take photos quickly to fix evidence and evacuate the scene quickly to the high-speed traffic police department under the jurisdiction for handling according to law under the condition that the warning area is set up to ensure safety.When the vehicle in the accident cannot move, the danger alarm flash shall be quickly opened, and a tripod warning sign shall be set 150 meters away from the direction of the coming vehicle. Meanwhile, the accident location can be quickly located and the alarm can be reported through the wechat public account of Henan High-speed public Security “One-button alarm”, so as to achieve “pull over, evacuate and immediately alarm”.03 illegal report 04 reward report highway construction and flow tips: effective report of more than seven passenger cars overcrowding, the highest award of 500 yuan.In order to encourage the masses to take an active part in traffic safety management, play the role of co-construction, co-governance and sharing by the police and the people, and effectively eliminate the hidden danger of overcrowding of passenger vehicles, the highway Team of Henan Provincial Public Security Department continues to carry out the activities of reporting illegal overcrowding of large and medium-sized passenger vehicles and minibuses with more than seven seats with prizes on expressways across the province.People who find that the above vehicles are illegal when they travel on the expressways in the province can report them through the henan high-speed traffic police alarm service phone number 0371-68208110 and the report message 13633719780.If it is verified, the informant will be rewarded with 200 yuan for each violation;If the serious overmanned illegal behavior is suspected of dangerous driving crime, the informant will be rewarded with 500 yuan for each violation.When returning from vacation, you must check the condition of your car in advance to ensure that it is in good condition and there is enough fuel;Before driving set up a good navigation, planning a good driving route, can effectively avoid missing the high-speed exit;To peak rational travel at the same time, keep a safe speed, traffic sequence, it is forbidden to illegal lane change hog, consciously resist the overcrowding speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, fatigue driving, illegal occupy the emergency lane illegal behaviors, such as driving personnel must fasten your seat belt all the way, to ensure driving safety, completes the epidemic protection.When driving in rain, fog, snow and ice weather, it is necessary to strictly observe “speed reduction, distance control and tail light”, turn on fog lights, outline lights and hazard alarm flash lights, when visibility is less than 50 meters, drive off the nearest highway or park in the service area to rest, and travel safely after the fog has cleared.Driving in snow and ice weather, we must reduce the speed, pull the car distance, and remember not to brake, accelerate, and swerve sharply on snow and ice roads;After Bridges, curves, ramps driving to slow down in advance, uniform speed, a gas through, if necessary, the use of anti-skid chain.Special hint: in the highway pavement spot “bargain” very dangerous!Especially snow and ice bad weather road slippery more dangerous!After the occurrence of minor traffic accident without casualties, it is necessary to move the vehicle to a safe place in time in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Express place” to ensure the safety of travel.Zheng newspaper all media reporter Zhang Yudong correspondent Yang Junzheng statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: