One win?North Control stage 3 PK four major enemies will return to the helpless savior Marbury into the impasse

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14-14, the north Control team in the first 28 rounds of the overall performance can only be regarded as the average, although the north Control team this season is still not small, the addition of three foreign aid did not achieve the expected effect.It is worth mentioning that the ratio of players in all positions of The North Control Team is completely out of balance at present. There are six players in the interior reserve, while there are almost no forward positions available. In addition, the current defensive line suffers from injuries, and the North Control team is completely in a passive position.In the last game of the second phase, Liao Sanning, the main point guard of The North Control team, suffered two facial fractures and was confirmed to be out of the season, which made the north Control team, which was already struggling with defensive rotation, face another situation.At present, the third stage of the North Control team schedule has been released, starting from March 2, The North Control team will meet shenzhen, Fujian, Shougang, Guangdong, Tianjin five teams.Strictly speaking, after the decline of the overall strength of The North Control team, these teams have the possibility to defeat the North Control team, at least guangdong, Shougang, Shenzhen, Tianjin four strong enemies for the North Control team is difficult to defeat.It’s no exaggeration to say that The North Control team is facing an embarrassing win in the third period.First and guangdong, shougang and the shenzhen team game BeiKong team loaded, these teams are the coronal hot this season, and after the adjustment of the offseason, cast integrity corresponding ascension, but is facing the short BeiKong team major general situation, even if BeiKong team all the starting line-up against hard to overcome these teams, what’s more, the only relative of toughness.And the reason why tianjin as a strong team, is completely in accordance with the north control team’s comprehensive strength.Tianjin team is currently ranked 14th in the league, theoretically speaking, it has the possibility of impact on the playoffs, especially at present, the tianjin team’s configuration of each position is extremely balanced, the tactics of running and bombing are played well, and the comprehensive battle force is higher than the North Control team.Among all the opponents in the third stage, Fujian is the lowest ranked team, so If They want to keep ranking in the playoffs, They have to make a big deal out of Tianjin and Fujian, otherwise they can’t keep ranking in the top 12 according to their current strength.At present, there is a lot of news that the north Control team’s backcourt will return in the third phase of the team, and facing such a devil schedule, Zhang Fan will be unable to save the Lord.The defensive strength of The North Control Team is weak this season. Zhang Fan, as a no. 2 player, has outstanding offensive ability, but his ability to organize and activate has always been his weakness. Therefore, even if Zhang fan has excellent performance, it is difficult to activate the inside players.So for Marbury, the current North Control team is completely lacking in the backcourt engine, the team’s conversion efficiency is declining.If the North Can not make the playoffs, Marbury will be completely desperate, he will not have a chance to survive in the North.This season, The North Control team recovered the right to recruit players from The hands of Marbury. However, from the point of view of the introduction of players by the north Control management, the lineup layout is too unprofessional, too many inside players and no guards and offensive line will be available, which also makes Marbury completely suffer from the embarrassment of making straw without straw.