New Year on the black land

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Source: Economic Daily “Guest telegrams K7222 train coming, four lanes, open signal.”Wang Weitai, 23, an interior assistant on duty, is concentrating on directing a train in the cab of Hailin station in Mudanjiang section of China Railway Harbin Bureau.This is wang Weitai came to Heilongjiang’s first Spring Festival, is also his first Spring Festival travel.Railways were both new and curious to Wang Weitai, who traveled 19 hours by train to study at university in his hometown of Wuhai, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.In June 2021, after graduation from university, Weitai Wang entered Harbin Railway system and became a member of Hailin Railway Station.This year is wang Weitai’s first Spring Festival away from home. From the “Pearl of the Yellow River” to the “Snow City” 2,000 kilometers away in the north, Wang Weitai faces many challenges, such as strange environment, cold climate and unaccustomed diet…”This is my first Chinese New Year in a foreign land. It’s impossible to say I don’t feel homesick.”Wang Weitai said.In his hometown, every Spring Festival, the 15 members of Wang Weitai’s family would put on new clothes and “light a fire” in his grandfather’s yard. On New Year’s Eve, they would put “open the door gun” in front of the courtyard, implying a safe and smooth New Year.Past New Year’s Day activities, have become the current concern.This miss, fell in the mudanjiang car business section secretary Xu Xihang eyes.Just after the New Year, Xu Xihang for far away from home wang Weitai sent a small holiday gift, Mudanjiang car service section of the labor union has prepared enough for the station in advance “New Year goods”, chicken, fish, meat, eggs, all kinds of vegetables.”The New Year’s Eve dinner in our station is more sumptuous than at home, and the New Year’s Eve is more lively than at home. The station management staff also accompany the staff who stay in other places to celebrate the Spring Festival together.”Hailin station stationmaster Wang Hui said.Like Wang weitai, jiawawuha, assistant duty officer of Mudanjiang’s Lagu station, chose to celebrate the Spring Festival in Heilongjiang this year.Jia Wa Wu ha, a young yi, lives in Wa Yan Township, Yuexi County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, which used to be one of the “three regions and three prefectures” in China.Jiwa’s parents are authentic farmers, as long as I can remember, Jiwa accompanied his parents to take the railway green small slow train to the county seat to sell agricultural goods, influenced by what he heard and saw, he was determined to grow up to become a member of the railway.After graduating from college, Gavawuha traveled 3,500 kilometers from Daliang Mountain in Sichuan province to Mudanjiang City in Heilongjiang Province to join the Lagu Station of Mudanjiang Vehicle Service Section.Now, Yuexi County has been lifted out of poverty. Jiawa’s parents live in a two-story brick house with a concrete road leading directly to their door. The restrained young Man of the Yi nationality has overcome barriers such as language and living habits to put down roots in heilongjiang.”I chose to stay in Heilongjiang for the Spring Festival this year. Although many customs and habits are different from my hometown, I am willing to blend in here.Especially now that high-speed trains are so convenient, I also want to take a trip during holidays.”Gavawuha said.With the opening of the Mujia high-speed railway at the end of 2021, the eastern part of Heilongjiang province has realized a ring-shaped high-speed railway network, enabling tourists to travel in the morning and back at night, bringing the space-time distance for tourists to enjoy ice and snow closer.At Yabuli Ski resort, tourist Cui Ying takes her children to experience the fun of skiing.”It’s natural to feel close to snow and ice in winter Olympics fever.This year is the first time for us to take our children to celebrate Chinese New Year in other places. It is a good exercise physically and mentally to play and enjoy snow here.”Thandie said.From Yabuli ski resort, it is more than an hour’s drive to China’s snow country.Red lanterns hung high against the ground of the snow, frozen pears, frozen persimmon and ice cream boxes on the ground.”Choose to spend the Spring Festival in snow village, really do not have a taste, worthwhile trip!”Guangdong tourist Li Qingqing and her friends came to Heilongjiang for the first time in winter. The thick snow they had never seen before, the warm kang and colorful quilt covers in the b&B made them feel the flavor of northeast China’s New Year.(Economic Daily Reporter Ma Weiwei)