Huangshan female Party secretary 60 pages PPT fire!

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What’s the problem?What is the goal?How do we do it?In the morning of February 10, Anhui Province Huangshan city to improve the work style for the private practical enterprise environment conference held.Meeting to carry out the entire province to improve the style of work for the people “as the enterprise environment conference spirit, mobilization of the construction of the style of the whole city quickly set off a revolution, rise of racing, catch up, to build the city of” five “, the construction of ecological international world-class leisure vacation travel destination cities provide more strong strong guarantee.Ling Yun, Secretary of huangshan Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Sun Yong, Deputy Secretary of Huangshan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor presided over the meeting.Photo source: Huangshan Daily meeting, Ling Yun from “where is the problem?What is the goal?How do we do “three aspects, combined with 60 pages of PPT display, through data comparison, chart analysis, huangshan cadres ability style in-depth analysis, put forward the direction of efforts and improvement measures, so that the presence of cadres can not sit, can not wait, can not be slow.First, where is the problem?Ling yun said that huangshan cadres’ ability and style is generally good, but the “six no” phenomenon pointed out by provincial party secretary Zheng Zhjie also exists, some aspects are still relatively prominent.We should dare to face these problems, dare to face the problem itself is a sign of confidence.First, the benchmark is not high.The mind is not emancipated enough, small wealth is at ease, small progress is full, accustomed to the low-end goals at your fingertips, satisfied with the middle ranking, like to calculate per capita, vertical ratio, do not want to pull the benchmark, horizontal ratio, good news not reported, not reported, even willing to “lie flat”.Second, they are not responsible enough.Some would rather not work as long as there is no accident, avoid contradictions and turn a blind eye to them.Some people are cautious and afraid to take responsibility, so they always ask for instructions and report to people at different levels, saying “there is no document” or “it has never been done before”. In the final analysis, they dare not arrest or regulate the situation.Some “new officials do not care about the old scores”, do not care about their own, high up in the habit of “pushing around dragging”.Third, the service is not good.Some habits when hand shopkeeper, enterprise service quality is not high;Some “easy to enter the door, beautiful face”, but things are still difficult to do, obstruction, slow as the phenomenon still exists;Some companies fail to fulfill their commitments, fail to perform their duties, or even take credit cards, thus harming the business environment.Fourth, it is inefficient.Some cadres are lukewarm and unhurried, while enterprises and the masses are anxious, but he is slow and leisurely, accustomed to the routine, conformist;Some work is being carried out without being asked. It is always in progress.Some work is pushed back and forth, or even does not move;Some projects have many procedures, complicated procedures, and long periods of approval, bringing inconvenience to enterprises and the public.Fifth, the work is not real.Some pretend, put on AIRS, and set up stalls. They are used to implementing meetings and documents through meetings. They make more statements but take fewer actions, and take what they have said as what they have done.Some supervision and inspection go through the motions, risk investigation “a gust of wind”, lax law enforcement “scarecrow”;Some of the reasonable appeal of the masses perfunctory, not out of work, willing to be “peace officer”.Sixth, the condition is not good.Some officialdom is too heavy, lethargic, lack of energy, vigor;Some stall stall, dawdle, wait for documents, policies, organizational arrangements, and even wait for the transfer of post, such as retirement, work lack of initiative and sense of urgency.’Improvement is everywhere and never ends,’ Mr. Ling said.We should have the courage to face, face to face with problems, with the blade inward courage and attitude of the revolution, and solve the masses and the market main body reflect the prominent problems, achieve the ideas in the mind is, eyes have a problem, hand move, the foot path, first-class ability style build first-class development environment, create first-class work performance, to ensure that the work be born implement, rushed to carry.Second, what is the goal?Ling yun pointed out that our goals are summarized as “three fast and one lower” : fast economic development, fast service enterprises, fast service for the people, reduce the number of letters and visits.First, economic development should be rapid.Development holds the master key to solving all problems.The targets and tasks for this year have been clearly defined. Looking at the target, we will keep the economy growing at 8.5% or above, and strive for double-digit growth in our actual work.In terms of priorities, we will focus on ten major initiatives covering all areas of economic and social development.In terms of tasks, it is divided into 201 key tasks in 11 aspects, and construction drawings, schedules and responsible persons have been clearly defined.Fast pace leads to fast development.Every official, especially leading ones, must have a clear idea of this, have a plan in hand, and shoulder the responsibility. From now on, we must be busy with projects, investment and investment.Busy, is a state of attitude, is also a fashion.If every cadre, every unit are busy, working in full throttle, that Huangshan will be full of positive qi, full of vigor and vitality, lying flat cadres can lie down?Will there still be a market for dawdling?Leading comrades should take the lead in the battle, all cadres should contribute, and all work should be excellent. We should compare and position ourselves in the context of the whole country and the whole province. If we do well, we should strive for excellence.As long as everyone is motivated, the morale is raised and the benchmark is set, we will surely be able to create a gratifying scene of tigers and tigers and create a vivid situation in which the flames of fire are high when everyone adds fuel to the fire.Second, service enterprises should be fast.The key to fast development lies in fast service enterprises and a sound business environment.The overall business environment of Huangshan city is being optimized, but compared with the expectations of market subjects, there is still much room for improvement.Behind the development gap lies a gap in the business environment, in the way of thinking, and in the ability and style of work. We should always take the building of a business environment as our job and the affairs of enterprises as our own. We should say yes more often than no, and why we can do it more often than why we cannot.We will cut down all unnecessary approvals, remove all unreasonable barriers, and simplify the procedures for going back and forth. We will work everywhere to create a fertile ground for business where listening, coordination, and promotion are the priority.Third, we must work quickly for the people.There is nothing trivial about the interests of the masses, and the satisfaction of the masses is the best answer.If we worry more, the people will worry less.We more attentively, enterprises can be more secure.We must maintain close ties with the people, sincerely serve the people, be good at mobilizing them, work with them and arouse their enthusiasm, so as to secure the broadest, most reliable and solid mass foundation and source of strength for our work.Fourth, the number of letters and visits should be reduced.Letters and visits are the work of the masses, which is the most accurate inspection of the style of cadres.This year is a big political year for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is of vital importance to maintain overall social stability, and a major basic project to maintain stability is the work of letters and visits.On the whole, we should do a good job of “one, three and five” : first, we should seize a leading role.The key is to “solve problems”. To truly respond to the appeals of the people, solve their difficulties, and soothe their emotions, solutions are always more convincing than explanations.Three is to focus on the three keys.First, we reduced the stock of complaints and visits and took solid steps to reduce the number of accumulated cases.Second, we will reduce the number of repeat visits, take special measures to address repeated complaints and visits, and work to resolve conflicts and disputes in multiple ways. We will establish lists of problems, measures, and responsibilities on a case-by-case basis, implement policies in accordance with laws and regulations, and seek joint governance in multiple ways.Third, to control the increment, establish a working mechanism of “Party building + letters and visits”, “list + closed-loop”, “reverse inspection + accountability”, “special rectification + system governance”, and ensure that the number of letters and visits of one million people falls below the provincial average.Five, is to highlight the five personally.Leading cadres, especially the top leaders, should personally study and promote, personally receive visits, personally read and approve letters, personally solve cases, personally supervise and urge implementation.Three, how do we do it?Ling Yun said, one must move immediately.We will deliver faster work and better service to everyone, and ensure that all links are handled as soon as possible.Visit soon, around the masses such as employment, education, health, ecological environmental protection concerns, stick to enterprise policy enterprise concerned about issues such as landing, organize the implementation of the “New Year’s visit to the enterprises, help solve problem” activities, overall go village door to visit companies and big visits, MoPai situation, found the problem, tracking supervisor, prevent visit a catwalk, implement the change.We will immediately investigate and comprehensively examine issues related to people’s livelihood, environmental protection and business environment to ensure that there are no dead spots or blind spots.Immediately rectify, set time limit quantitative indicators, list, closed-loop to promote rectification, open to public supervision.We will put in place a mechanism of weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting, and incorporate efforts to improve our work style and business environment into political oversight, inspection and inspection, and performance evaluation systems for officials, so as to ensure their implementation.Second, we need to do solid work.We should not only work hard on “seeking truth”, but also on “pragmatism”.To be honest, to be practical and to achieve practical results, to take concrete measures to focus on the concerns of the public and enterprises, to turn the “planning map” into “construction drawing” and “schedule” into “meter schedule”, to take the initiative everywhere, to put an end to pushing hands, to do several things and achieve several things.The results of our work should be reflected in development targets, reform breakthroughs, specific projects, the improvement of people’s livelihood, and the solution of enterprises’ difficult problems.Third, dare to compare.Enlarge the “coordinate system”, find the “reference”, the highest standard, the best focus, the best anchor, strive to be aspirant students, students with special strengths, excellent students.We must resolutely break the mentality of being in the middle of nowhere, the moderate pace of being lukewarm, and the philosophy of the mean of making no breakthroughs and making no attempts. We must set a higher benchmark for “jumping” and a higher target for “striving”, so as to make all our work first-class.Than service, in the heart of the object of service, to help the object of service, the evaluation of the object of service, like care about their loved ones, like to help the enterprise to solve the same thing.We will go to places where there are many difficulties to solve problems, go to places where there are many problems to break new ground, and turn “impossible” into “certain” and “impossible” into “achievable”.Four want to heat up comprehensively.Always maintain the sense of responsibility of “one day doing nothing, three days of insecurity”, continue the passion of blood boiling, maintain a hot atmosphere, dry out the atmosphere of full heat.Cadres at all levels should take huangshan Pine’s courage and fortitude, welcoming visitors and opening, unity and friendship to boost morale, grasp implementation and create benchmarks, and strive to promote high-quality development.After listening to the speech of the party secretary, many participants said with deep feeling that the meeting made people hot, a year’s plan starts in spring, and it is difficult to work hard in the world., we must fight style, spelling, dash, with a bent attitude, state of a grasp in the end, the norm in a consistent, comprehensive type change two five do new offensive, the new situation, new momentum, high standard construction ecotype international world-class leisure vacation travel destination city, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors!