Guyuan, Hebei: Lightning River, Wunu River, lightning Lake, grassland lake and many other water systems constitute the lightning river wetland

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The sinuous Luan River water in the hinterland of the Jinlian Chuan grassland evolved into the form of lightning, people named this river lightning River.Where the river flows, the abundance of water breeds an excellent ecological environment.Lightning River, Wunu River, lightning Lake, grassland lake and many other water systems constitute the lightning river wetland.Today, Lightning River National Wetland Park has the world’s largest migratory population of cygnets.Every spring and autumn, when the river opens and divides, tens of thousands of cygnets settle here.”Three days later, he came to a town called Chahan Nao.There is a great palace, belonging to the Khan.There are many lakes and rivers around, and there are swans, so the Great Khan would like to live here.”More than seven hundred years ago the Italian Marco.In his book, Polo described the natural environment of Guyuan.As can be seen from the scene described in the records, it is a typical wetland with numerous rivers and lakes and birds, among which there are many kinds and numbers of swans.That’s how swan Lake got its name today.Gu yuan is located in the southeast edge of the Inner Mongolia Plateau, Yinshan veins across the east and west, blocking the cold air from the north, the central Plains warm air flow through the mountains increased precipitation, making Gu yuan no summer heat, no cold winter.From The Xia, Shang and The Five Dynasties to the Ten States, for thousands of years, it has been a fertile land for the fishing, hunting and herding of countless northern nomads.The Summer Palace of the liao, Jin and Yuan emperors.Water is not only the core element of guyuan’s thousand-year civilization, but also the source of life to maintain the Lightning River wetland.In September 2013, Lightening River Wetland became the first state-level wetland park in Hebei Province.In order to strengthen wetland management and protection, Guyuan County issued wetland Protection and Management Measures, built grassland lake management station, implemented the ecological water supply project of Lightning River reservoir and the water supply project of grassland lake in the wetland core area.Lightning River wetland is the eastern passage of three major bird migration routes in China, and also a stopover station for the East Asia-India passage, one of eight migratory bird routes around the world.Migratory birds migrate, stay and breed here, which is called “bird paradise”.Every October, when the Siberian winter begins, the birds begin an unparalleled migration.The world’s largest cygnet migration population gathered here, Guyuan this prairie water city has become a veritable swan country.Guyuan people carefully care for the common home of people and birds, the achievement of harmony and prosperity magnificent picture scroll.In Today’s Guyuan, the inheritance of ancient civilization has achieved a new way of life and rural prosperity.Under the guidance of new technologies, the coexistence and harmonious development of man and the environment are diversified. History and present, homeland and nature are interdependent, blending into a magnificent and colorful music.Lightning river, Jinlian Chuan, Yinshan for the screen, Gu Shui long flow, the land of fish flying birds breeding emperor industry longxing brilliant past.The flower-like origin nourishes the auspicious daily harmony between heaven and man.