Give the Manchurian a bathhouse, he can conquer the world!

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The author of this article: eat ji society recently small make up to review Qiao Shan’s “the king of bath”, there is a sentence that makes me very deep impression, that is “first rub shoulder and then rub back, rub the arm rub rib”, rhyme before and after, humorous and interesting, I think this sentence is the perfect interpretation of our northeast bathing essence…The bathing culture of northeast China has been on fire all over the Internet. Many southern friends say that “watching northeast People take a bath, they feel that their baths for so many years are all for nothing” and “I don’t dare to go in, I’m really afraid that after the baptism of the northeast bath hall, I will rub a few pounds of pills from my body…”.Bath for this thing actually, north and the difference is really has a long history, can also be no exaggeration to say that in the eyes of the northeast, bath shall be made in shanhai pass, it is the north of shanhaiguan northeast of bathing culture the holy land, and south of shanhaiguan bath way seems too elegant, and northeast of the bath to than we can even call it “a dragon” showers.Remember a few years ago there was a news, a southern man in the northeast bath bath, because the northeast rub zao master rub too painful and alarm, through the negotiation of the final man took 100 yuan compensation anger and go, and the northeast rub zao master was very grievous said:”Do I really have to work in the seriously, but so that fate ~” although the incident, but our big northeast bath culture exists not affected, from all over China famous came in an endless stream, everybody wants to experience the northeast culture that wash bath, these people often have to sing very not bad-mouthing after experience, enjoy after all.Recently, xiaobi saw a video on a social platform, some words are very eye-catching, “40,000 square bath square”, set to eat, drink, play, fun, washing in one, enjoy a day is not enough, can not help but feel my northeast bath culture is really more and more profound!Have not experienced the northeast bath culture of friends?Suggest you try, a flow bag your whole body relaxed, had been to still want to go again!