Female Writers do Marketing: See words like face (45)

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Female writer write, write feelings.Marketing good medicine, show charm character, to create a style of literature.Original creation, no intention to be the same, please do not check.The day of rain, coincides with the south rain north snow, season is satisfactory, the north and south are blessing.Open the circle of friends, just see teacher Zheng Xudong reprinted a “Chinese poetry list” link, the guide language is: “please enjoy Mr. Curtain call’s poem” see the word such as face “, also warmly sent two small roses.My two teachers, both original, devoted to literary creation of the gods.Usually communication is very good, a quiet personality, a hurry a slow.Mr. Zheng likes to gather wind, photography, love to walk, impatient, quick talking, quick writing.You must create an article every day and publish it in the form of a headline, public account or beauty article.And Xie Curtain teacher has been living in seclusion, hiding in the home to write tomes, mostly editorial department of the manuscript, he wrote with a pen, his wife typed.The two teachers do not often meet, if meet, must be Teacher Zheng “forced” curtain call teacher out.Here I why don’t call “xie” teacher, because “curtain call” is the teacher’s pen name, in fact, he is Guo teacher.But we still used to call him the curtain teacher.When I was in a hurry, I often shouted “Teacher Xie”, and always Teacher Zheng made fun of me while correcting me: “Again called wrong, you don’t thank the teacher surname Xie!”Teacher Zheng called out the curtain call teacher, in addition to participate in activities, must be with him to walk, visit the park, see flowers.Because curtain call teacher often can not find the way, Zheng teacher also hard to be responsible for the way, when walking escort.When he went to the park, he also acted as a tour guide for Mr. Xie, who hardly knew all the flowers and asked Mr. Zheng to show him pear flowers in August.The night before, Mr. Zheng lectured on literature for one and a half hours in the creative class of culture Fan platform.He insisted that he did not talk about theory. He said that Teacher Guang Rui was very good at speaking about literary theory, and he was only responsible for talking about creative works.According to the context of Teacher Zheng’s lecture, after detailed listening, I have the courage to summarize the teacher’s twelve words of creation: “source life, sincere emotion, independent style”, please teacher Zheng check the homework.Culture fan platform moderator Qi Guangrui teacher see students listen carefully attitude, especially happy, Zheng teacher feel the classroom learning atmosphere warm, and put forward for students to add two classes, Qi teacher and students are very excited.Open the link forwarded by Teacher Zheng, and finally read the poem “Seeing words such as face”, especially like these lines: Heart words can always send stories related to landscape I have been stubbornly praying, I was asking whether life can be flashback stories related to landscape, we can really flashback.Let the time flow, take us back to the last autumn of October.Daluo Mountain home, beautiful scenery, harvest in sight, ten miles of rice flowers.Jiye teacher, Xudong teacher, Xingxing teacher, we go back to our hometown to find the wind and roots.Fengxiang teacher and guojin teacher also follow all the way hard.Stars teacher in his hometown under the old elm tree to taste the taste of his hometown, the teacher jin heart like jade, ink dipped in deep feelings, sing the hometown landscape, praise the brave dedication like Jiye teacher hometown Daluo people.Autumn poetry flowing, let us see the word such as face.People say that Daluo is as beautiful as a fairy, and you will never know another cave until you approach it.I don’t know where the gods came from, knocked over the palette.Paint everything here so colorful.Paddy fields near mountains linjiang, table fish fat fruit fresh.Green trees walk around the village with the river, and golden rice is heavy.Lu Hua set off qiubo water, farmers dream of talking Taohuayuan.The white road surface is hard and smooth, and new energy can be used at night.Different flower tree incense brocade, courtyard house new face.Honest folk customs spread ancient and modern, innovative thinking has connotation.Pig breeding intensive scale, agaric planting hundred acres of money sitting.Beautiful Daluo village is a model of new rural construction;The soaring Daluo village is a model of common prosperity.Praise you, the leader here, just for this touch of gold, deduce the waves of The Times!And jiye teacher in the rain season to write poems, such as water run heart, and wind and rain and swan goose, see the word such as face.Rain wind into the xuan window seven nine, jiangnan willow line green soft.Northland do not know wild goose to late, only the bottom of my heart to stay.Cultivated people, love career and life, always do not know the bitter tired, no regrets, in the nature of the landscape of the sense of existence, the sense of belonging between literary friends poetry friends is better than everything.For example, Teacher Xudong, Teacher Sun Wen, Teacher Jianfu and Teacher Lin Yang, the four of them often invited, leisure and entertainment together, writing is also inseparable.Liu Jixiang, a famous writer, encouraged and praised everyone, and more than once emphasized and recited, “You don’t need to be looked up by others, but you need to look up by everyone.”People close to literature, because close to literature should also be close to each other.Literati close, rather than literary light, nourishing the context, literary quality rising.Wenshan climb, the sea of books walk, do a character and literature are top quality people, because of mutual admiration, let us see words such as face.The attached:See words such as surface curtain call (heilongjiang) in between the lines, with the dream outside the dream on ever with ink pen, can write north of the northern sky, seemed to hear Chai Men in driving waves of sleep, in dreams thinking a shot a shot to retreat, I’ll use incisively and vividly to kiss, to feel put stamps on the envelope and seal in the close to the heart,Breathing deeply and suppress the moon, the wind through the gaps in the fingers, in the silence of the blue, warm further intellectual into poetic expression, strange journey from sea to shining sea, actually push window, the eye to view the cycle of each other, at express was identity claim, I will let the summer language, to fly again, tell season was moved at the moment, don’t brood,Must all look at you with purple, and then the imaginary attitude resurrection words can always sent, related to landscape story I have been stubbornly to pray, I ask, can life flashback is proof that morning Yin morning rain, the tears flow in the flow of words in a dream, flow’s shoulder when hug, flow in the heart became eager longing, the speed of the feather hon cheung that kind of mood and the place,Imagine the moment when the play is unfolding, the atmosphere of sunshine and flowers when clouds are scattered, and you can even feel the scene and mood of seeing the words, but the letter can not be sent to the place you want to send it, and it hurts more than a curtain call. Famous poet, writer, critic and playwright.His original name was Guo Zhijun.His works include a collection of commentaries, Such as “Appreciation and Appreciation”, “Miracle and Wonderful Works”, “White Mountain and Black Water”, and a collection of poems, such as “Feeling and Blood”, “Feeling and Comprehension”, “Moving Day”, “Poetry and shadow”, etc.He is the director of Chinese Prose poetry Association and member of Heilongjiang Writers Association.Zi Linglong, member of Heilongjiang Writers Association, member of Harbin writers Association, vice chairman of Hulan District writers Association.Engaged in poetry, prose, reportage, fiction and other literary creation.Heilongjiang People’s Publishing House published a collection of works “Exquisite” prose volume, poetry volume.