Construction Bureau of Wuhan Economic development Zone optimized the business environment and solved the power supply problem for tower Company’s 5G base station construction

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Yangtze River Daily Wuhan client on January 27 (reporter Zhang Zhi correspondent Kang Zhaohui) “Thanks to wuhan economic development Zone housing Bureau to help us solve the 5G base station power supply problem, for Wuhan economic development zone business environment praise!”On January 26, Liu Mingming, head of Hannan district of Wuhan Branch of China Tower Co., LTD., presented the banner to the Housing and Construction Bureau of Wuhan Economic development Zone.Since this year, with xiaopeng Automobile, China Chuangxin Aviation and a number of major projects of 10 billion yuan settled down and started construction, let the general aviation industrial park located in the hinterland of Hannan become a hot land for investment and development of Wuhan Economic and Development Zone.The entry of major projects also promotes the acceleration of information construction of GENERAL Aviation Industry Park.It is reported that China Tower Co., LTD. (referred to as China Tower) is a large-scale state-owned communication tower infrastructure service enterprise funded and established by China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Guoxin Holdings, which is mainly engaged in tower intelligence and tower energy business.In 2021, China Tower Wuhan Branch plans to build seven 5G base stations in the General Aviation Industrial Park.These base stations are widely distributed in areas where power supply infrastructure is weak. Therefore, the construction of 5G base stations must first solve the power supply problem.In order to ensure the stability of 5G communication signals, the POWER supply of 5G base station needs to adopt stable dedicated line power supply.If access from the street lamp line on the road around the base station, the power supply problem of the base station will be solved.To this end, China Tower Wuhan Branch to Wuhan economic development District housing bureau street lamp management office for help, put forward a request from the street lamp transformer box to pull a special line for the base station power supply, and install a separate meter to measure electricity.With the assistance of the street lamp, tower Wuhan branch soon connected to the street lamp special power supply line, and solved the power supply problem of the base station.”When the company calls, I respond.”Jiang Zhebin, head of the street lamp Management office of wuhan Economic and Development Zone Housing Bureau, said that wuhan economic and Development Zone is currently benchmarking advanced areas to create a first-class business environment in China.As the relevant functional departments of the government, it is duty-bound to solve the thorny problems in the development process for enterprises.At present, the company has built more than 1,000 5G base stations in wuhan Economic development Zone, Liu mingming said.”This year, the company will increase investment in the economic development zone and build 21 more 5G base stations in Junshan New City.”For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.