College dormitories are being changed, students are being voted out, and comment sections are adding salt to the wound

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University life is a place many students yearn for, after all, university has more of their own time.But to have a good college experience, maintaining a good relationship with your roommates is the most important.Every day when there is no class, students spend time in the dormitory, which is like a second home for students.Students will put all their daily needs in the dormitory, which is more comprehensive than things at home.But if roommates don’t get along well with each other, then the dormitory is not a “warm harbor”, but a living hell, after all, you have to see the people you don’t have a good relationship with.If such things happen during college, then the college experience of college students will be lost, and college will bring more “pain” to students.However, college is always changeable. Some colleges do not have fixed roommates, and some colleges will divide roommates in the first year, which is about the distribution of interests among students.The purpose of this is for students to get along better and better into the campus, convenient for students to better study.Online, there is a matter triggered by the discussion of all walks of life netizens, this matter is the process of the students live in a 5-person dormitory, but after the dormitory is 4 people sleep.This meant that one of the roommates was going to leave the dorm, and the roommates didn’t want to offend each other, so they voted anonymously, and the student was voted out, as if they had agreed to give him the spot.In fact, this feeling is like being abandoned, the student must feel bad, so he turned to the Internet for comfort, but the comment section only added salt to the wound.The student was to be a net friend will comfort him, but I didn’t think that the Internet is very rational, most netizens think if students were voted out, then it will surely blame the exit of the students, some netizens directly in the comments below: “don’t be discouraged, another dormitory 3 people see you will certainly be more than annoying”, this really is a god.In fact, it is quite normal to have different roommates in college. Many college students have encountered the same things in real life, such as isolation and exclusion.And the students between the work and rest rules are not the same, some students used to go to bed late and some students used to go to bed early, and the sleep problem is the main cause of student conflict.Is the isolated always at fault?In fact, THE author thinks that if a student is isolated, then the isolated student will certainly have some problems, but we are all independent individuals and there is no need to “betray” ourselves in order to cater to others.The roommate relationship in college is even more so. College students come from all over the country, and there may be some differences in living habits and work habits. If there are conflicts between them and they cannot be solved, they will be accumulated.So did the student do anything wrong?We can’t find out.If the university dormitory appears this situation, THE author suggests to find the reason from their own body, if it is really their own problem, we should try to correct, if not correct may also affect the next dormitory between the get along.If they sleep at night snoring, grinding teeth and other habits, this is helpless, after all, this is asleep after the matter, the parties do not know.The college experience is directly proportional to the relationship between roommates, so college roommates have to give and take and can’t always pick a bone among eggs.How do you get along with your roommates in college?First, learn to tolerate each other.College roommates are partners together day and night, no matter how to tolerate each other, especially when roommates sleep, we should learn to be quiet.This will not affect other people’s sleep, will not cause unnecessary conflicts, although we are living together, but also to maintain a sense of distance, after all, distance produces beauty.Secondly, we must learn to respect others.All a perfect relationship is built on the basis of mutual respect, not to a roommate, don’t always deny others, don’t always think oneself is right, to learn the perspective-taking, if students are not the perspective-taking, so will others eye, even won’t dispute with you face to face, so also will say you not behind it.Finally, there are contradictions to actively communicate.There are a lot of students as long as there is a contradiction may be the state of no contact, we all hold a breath in the heart, after all, we see each other, so the torture is only their own, so there are contradictions between roommates to often communicate.Today’s topic: Do you think you need to change yourself by catering to others?(Picture from the Internet, deleted infringement)