Altitude 3700 meters, snow depth 1 meter, multiple vehicles trapped!Traffic police to rescue | Safe Spring Festival traffic police counterparts

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Affected by continuous snowfall and wind, on February 8, 2022, the 77-80km Section of Sunershan Pass on Provincial Highway 218 in Henan County, Huangnan Prefecture, Qinghai Province, was covered with severe snow, with the heaviest snow exceeding 1 meter. Many vehicles were trapped and unable to pass.In order to ensure the road safety and smooth, so that people returning home safely, Huanan County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade immediately launched an emergency plan, police and relevant departments rushed to the scene for rescue and relief.Taner Mountain pass altitude of 3700 meters, continuous snow for several days led to a sudden drop in temperature, the road has been completely covered by snow, and most of the vehicles do not have skid chains, after driving to the section, the vehicles can not move forward, can not return, trapped in the section.After the police arrived at the scene to help install chain, human resource, shovels snow shoving and motorcades, help the vehicle, security pass through, all the people of the auxiliary police braved the cold, overcome difficulties, to rescue trapped vehicles, at the same time, the traffic police on duty to guide other vehicles running safety, safety in time, effectively prevent the secondary accidents,After more than two hours of efforts, all the trapped vehicles were out of danger and left the snowy road safely.In recent days, heavy snow fell in most parts of Qinghai province. The provincial public security traffic management department took the snow as the order, and all the police were dispatched to fight the road, strengthen patrol control and actively deal with the bad weather, and do their best to do the traffic security work, effectively prevent the occurrence of serious road traffic accidents and long time large area congestion.Contribute source | qinghai traffic police E-mail: