Accounting professional master MPAcc as a cross examination of the popular major, will the score line rise this year?

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For on-the-job personnel, the choice of postgraduate entrance examination on the one hand is to upgrade their academic qualifications, on the other hand is to open up more opportunities for future career development.Therefore, many in-service personnel apply for postgraduate entrance examination in the direction of management major.Among them, master of Accounting (MPAcc) is the major with the largest number of cross-majors in the survey. Its requirements for mathematics are not so high, so most students majored in statistics, financial management, finance, marketing and international economics and trade. The span is not large.MPAcc examination requirements: national recognition of the degree of undergraduate graduates;Persons with a bachelor’s degree recognized by the state;After two or more years of having obtained a state-recognized vocational college diploma, the educational level of a university graduate shall be the same as that of a university graduate;Students who have completed undergraduate courses and current undergraduate graduates of adult colleges and universities whose academic qualifications are recognized by the state shall apply for the examination according to the identity of undergraduate graduates with the same academic qualifications;Those who have obtained master’s or doctor’s degrees.MPAcc exam subjects :(you need to take the first and second exams, and select the best ones.)First try: English 2, comprehensive management class second-round exam: written (course + political), comprehensive interviews, oral English and listening 4.57 million people take part in the national postgraduate exam in 2022, millions of Numbers is one’s deceased father grind people pay a day and night, sleepless, so every one’s deceased father grind the party’s ultimate goal is “on” at a time.So will the MPAcc score rise this year?!Let’s take a look at the MPAcc national line trend chart in recent years: we can see that the MPAcc score line in recent years is on the rise, it is estimated that this year will be flat or slightly up about 5 points!The 2022 postgraduate entrance exam will be divided into the middle and late February, now the most important thing is to prepare for the second exam!MPAcc reexamination is generally divided into two parts: written test and interview.The written test mainly includes two subjects: professional course and politics. The questions of professional course mainly include noun explanation, short answer, essay question, multiple choice question and calculation question.Politics is slightly different because of different schools, there are open book and closed book two ways of investigation, moderate difficulty, general will test some basic knowledge and hot spots.The interview is mainly the examination of English and professional courses, English is based on basic oral English, expression and so on;In terms of professional courses, the examination focuses on the mastery of basic knowledge of professional courses, such as accounting, financial management, audit and other subjects.According to the data obtained from the survey, most accounting practitioners in China have a bachelor’s degree, and their salary distribution ranges from 60,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan per year.If you want to have good development in the accounting industry, you have to do the management!Accounting is just a starting point, and the future development potential still depends on many factors such as education level, management experience and professional skills.High quality accounting personnel to enterprise senior management transformation will become an important symbol of accounting personnel transformation!So what can the Master of Accountancy (MPAcc) do for you?One is to get a master’s degree from a famous university, two is to improve the application of practical ability, three is to accumulate high-quality industry resources, you are better than others to the next level!In addition to major enterprises, civil servants also have many positions corresponding to MPAcc, such as finance Bureau, social security Bureau, medical insurance Bureau and other institutions will be your future employment direction, the prospects are very broad.