6 kinds of food “bring progesterone”, supplement estrogen, the doctor suggests: women should be willing to eat more

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When it comes to progesterone, I believe that most female friends know that progesterone is a natural progesterone secreted by the luteum of the female ovary, and it is also a very important element necessary to maintain pregnancy.It can protect the female endometrium, play a role in promoting development of female second characteristics, is very important for female friends, in addition, progesterone can also help women regulate estrogen in the body, to maintain the balance of endocrine.So once the female friends body progesterone secretion is insufficient, then it will affect the function of the body organ, will also affect the female ovarian function decline, harm the health of the body, so remind female friends, in life must pay attention to the supplement of progesterone in the body.Female body progesterone inadequacy, what abnormal expression can you have?1, frequent sweating night sweats female friends if in life, without strenuous activities, still a lot of sweating, night sweats, accompanied by insomnia and dreams, emotional tension, neurasthenia.Especially in the process of sleeping at night, night sweats are more obvious, it is likely to be the lack of progesterone in the body, we must pay attention to, timely medical examination, to ensure the normal endocrine.2, abnormal menstrual generally under normal circumstances, the health of female friends about your menstrual cycle is 28 days, the gap between before and after no more than 7 days, but if inadequate secretion of progesterone in the body, will cause the menstrual cycle disorder, menstrual quantity also will be affected, because of inadequate secretion of progesterone, lead to endometrial slow to be affected with damp be affected with damp.3, weight gain progesterone can improve metabolism, promote the discharge of water and sodium in the body, but when the lack of progesterone in the body, it will cause excess water and sodium retention in the body, easy to cause limb edema, and also cause endocrine disorders, hormone obesity and secretory obesity.4, hyperplasia of mammary glands in most cases, a lot of people think is as the estrogen level in a large number of secretion, actually not all that, but women estrogen and progestin imbalance caused by inadequate secretion of progesterone, the hormone secretion disorders especially period, it is easier to increase hyperplasia of mammary glands.5, easy to miscarriage in women’s body progesterone secretion is insufficient, does not mean that must not be pregnant, she said will increase the risk of abortion, especially in early pregnancy, progesterone secretion is insufficient, not enough to maintain the stability of the endometrium, resulting in the risk of abortion.6, memory decline in women progesterone secretion decline will also affect the central nervous system, causing the central nervous function abate, cause memory decline, mental decline, thinking ability, if over a period of time, often feel the past memory, caused by the careless or inadequate secretion of progesterone.I believe that most female friends, in life have eaten figs, figs taste sweet, sending out a special smell, which also contains a lot of estrogen composition.Eat frequently, can effectively promote the secretion of estrogen, progesterone, ease the shortage of progesterone secretion, maintain hormonal balance inside body, which would be helpful to the senescence speed of eye ring, soy beans and bean products is also known as women friends, it contains soy isoflavones, is similar to estrogen a natural plant hormones in women,Regular consumption can also effectively boost estrogen production in the body, maintaining the hormone balance to protect the uterus and ovaries.It also contains a lot of calcium and collagen, which can also improve the skin condition, protect bone health, make the skin more smooth and delicate, and delay aging.Quail eggs do not look down upon a small quail egg, nutritional value is very rich, all are concentrated nutrition, which contains rich protein, amino acid minerals, more conducive to human digestion and absorption, can effectively supplement a variety of nutrients, provide energy can also protect breast health.Longan meat longan meat is a common food in life, which is rich in iron, helps promote the regeneration of hemoglobin in the body, plays a role in replenishing qi, nourishing blood, and preventing anemia.For female friends, it is also a very good tonic, often used can also effectively moisturize the skin, improve the skin condition, keep the skin tender and smooth, replenish qi and blood.Black beans black beans, for female friends is also a very healthy food, black beans are rich in phytoestrogens, can also adhere to eat, help to maintain hormone balance, protect the health of the uterus and ovary, eat more black beans can also play a role in promoting blood kidney, promote ovulation, nourishing skin detoxification and beauty.Kelp kelp as a common seafood, which also contains a lot of progesterone, as a natural good food material, can effectively supplement iodine, prevent hyperthyroidism.It also contains rich plant fiber, can promote the dredge of mammary gland, for the secretion of estrogen, can also play a role in promoting, better maintain hormone balance, prevent mammary gland hyperplasia, treatment of breast lumps.If you have a different opinion or idea, please share it in the comments section below.