Su yiming embraces her coach after winning the gold medal!Japanese coaches are praised for their behavior, but Ahn hyun-soo is not

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Beijing time on February 15, in the contest between snow project, Chinese player to get a gold and performance is very good, including Su Yi the 17-year-old defender, finally get it on the highest podium, he played very well in the game, against the first two jump of excellent performance, lock the gold medal in advance.In the previous game, Su Yi got the silver, veneer slope surface barrier technique at that time a lot of media said Su Yi sound has failed to get the gold medal is very regrettable, the reason is that the Canadian athletes appeared to grasp plate error, according to the common sense should not get high scores, but the scene of the referee didn’t see his faults, so give him high marks,Su had to settle for silver.At the end of the competition, Su yiming herself also seemed a little frustrated, but the competition should continue, the player has now successfully won the Olympic gold medal, happy smile on his face, he will be 18 years old, in the birthday of the arrival of the best gift.Su Yi sound the player of the game play is impressive, he played a very stable, in the case of other players have significant errors, Su Yi showed their strength, just jump on the first two locking the champions ahead of schedule, Su Yi song became the Chinese sports delegation at the winter Olympic Games champion in the history of the youngest player.After winning the championship, Su yiming put on the national flag to salute the audience. It is worth mentioning that his national flag was prepared for him by the Japanese coach. When winning the championship, the Japanese coach carefully unfolded the national flag and put it on Su’s body, which was also appreciated by many audiences.Although Su’s coach is Japanese, he selflessly contributed all his abilities to help Su become the world champion. Such an excellent coach deserves our praise, and the Japanese audience also sent their wishes to congratulate Coach Sato’s disciples for winning the Olympic gold medal.But in contrast, short track speed skating game, coach viktor ahn and Jin Shantai, there is no such treatment, the two coaches are foreign coach, and viktor ahn once more of a south Korean short track speed skating team definitely ace, now they became the coach of China, and for the Chinese short track speed skating team’s achievements and happy, such a reversal to many south koreans very unhappy,Therefore, the two coaches, Kim Sun-tae and Ahn Hyun-soo, were abused online. The difference between the two coaches shows the cultural difference between Japan and Korea. They hope that the Beijing Winter Olympics will go smoothly and the two foreign coaches will receive better treatment.