Red cake is full of treasure, radish and egg, adults and children all say good

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Red cake is full of treasure, radish with eggs, all adult children say “wearing jade crown, outer garment of rosy clouds, such as white jade, is the root of ginseng must”, believe that a lot of friends is no stranger to the riddle, the answer is we most often eat a vegetable, radish, carrot is rich in nutritional value, can really is everyday we can have a baby,Not only can as our daily edible vegetables, radish whole body can be medicine, is the so-called raw cooked each different, good at using it is wonderful!There are many kinds of radish, white, green, red and so on…Also have strip shape, round each are not identical, but the performance of all kinds of radish itself is roughly same, rich in vitamin A and vitamin B content in radish, can enhance human immunity, anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, at the same time, radish book contains quantity of heat low, fat people when eating carrots can not only maintain its strong satiety,Can also take in more cellulose, very conducive to weight loss.Today I choose this pineapple carrot juice is a kind of full, succulent crisp, radish varieties, with such a low fat radish radish do small cakes, adults eat can reduce fat, children eat can vitamin supplements, the color of red, watched like children, if there are picky about food do not love to eat baby home, treasure mom quickly to learn the simple easy-to-use pancakes,Keep the kids and you can’t stop eating them.: Pineapple radish pancake: 1 pineapple radish, 2 eggs, 70 grams of flour, 1 section of green onion, 6 grams of salt, 1 teaspoon of cooking oil.: 1. First, prepare the pineapple radish for the leading role, then put the egg for the supporting role into the bowl, and we can prepare the flour and other condiments according to the weight listed in grams.2. Pineapple radish clean, you’ve prepared for radish on most of the time covered in dirt, so we can try to soak, and then began to clean, good cleaning pineapple peel a compass, and then use shredded Chinese silk wiper scraped into uniform, do not choose here with a knife cut, because the knife is easy to let the shredded size, size is differ,The taste of eating will be a lot worse, with a silk scraper can choose empty some small, let the radish as fine as possible, and then put the radish in a bowl for standby.3. Put the prepared eggs into the bowl, or duck eggs or goose eggs if you want. Then cut the prepared scallions into small pieces and put them into the bowl.4. Season the bowl with a little salt. If children eat it, we can reduce the amount of salt to keep it light.5. Add the flour and pepper to the bowl. The pepper will enhance the flavour of the pastry and remove much of the fishy smell from the eggs.6. After adding all the ingredients, we can use chopsticks to slowly stir all the ingredients, preferably clockwise, so that the radish and other ingredients better blend.7. Brush oil in a pan and preheat the machine. I use a griddle oven at home.8 spoon radish paste slowly ladle up into the pot, slowly heat the pot, let the radish cake slowly heat finalize the design.9. Once one side is set, we can turn over and cook the other side. When both sides are brown, we can turn off the heat and serve.: 1. Pineapple radish contains a lot of water, and the water in the radish will also ooze out after the radish is shredded. Therefore, after we add flour and eggs into the radish shreds, we do not need to pour water into the bowl, or the consistency of radish paste will be too thin.2. Radish can be made into pancakes like me, but also cold, cold radish when we can add a little vinegar, so that not only can play the role of sterilization, but also make the color of radish more gorgeous, improve the taste and feel of the whole dish.3. When choosing radishes, you can choose turnips with tapered heads and tails. Such turnips are generally crisp and sweet, and the juice inside is also sufficient and sweet.