Homesickness rises again at Tomb-sweeping Day

2022-08-05 0 By

Human April is the time when grass grows warbler, spring flowers in full bloom, coincides with the Tomb-sweeping day also arrived, these days the weather is beautiful, not the past drizzle hazy, rare blue skies, good weather.Think I haven’t been home for many years, although very close, he arrived an hour by bike, but a variety of reasons, have many years didn’t go back to look at, determine the bike back to it again today, to visit a outing, literally out on tour, is patted, along the way, ha ha, you as my camera enjoy the great rivers of the motherland,,,, beijiang river,As one of the main tributaries of the Pearl River, passing through Foshan Sanshui section, in the Pearl River Delta confluence, flows through the river for thousands of years, both sides of the mountain green water show.River bauhinia is opened, the green water, green grass, red flowers, spring scenery infinite, intoxicate, over the bridge, to the south of the river, when I was a child growing vegetables where nothing changes, on one side is a piece of green vegetable plantation, side is hanging flower greenhouses flower field, the only change is the levee, remember a dirt road used to be, are now spread asphalt, widened,It’s so cool to ride a bike on it.Just got home after an hour, which is where I lived as a child, because life rich, people have to buy a house to the north side of the river town, the village becomes a empty city, pieces of the house is still there, but the figure disappeared, empty, occasionally, an old man at the door, quiet and zhiyuan,,,,, yellow skin trees blossomed, loquat is also preparing to ripe,The once the next day to go to pick some, the second day go to light steal fruit children are grown up, fruit is still there, still see that steal fruit,, an old cat beside bed, seems to be waiting for the child back,,, went a circle in the village, the village temple is still there, deeply saw the yard, the roadside flowers are opened,Little purple flowers free oscillation in the wind, wall also long grass, remember the road that mimosa tree I’m touched it yet, now grown much taller than me, can’t touch it, outside the village fields, originally is a kind of rice, to switch to spend these days, in the distance are to build a house, estimates that soon, flowers planted, also don’t have turned the house,,,,The original paddy fields into the road, I can not recall the cattle mowing rice fields, walked in the river for a long time, spring is still blowing, spring flowers are still open, people are not scenery in.With the construction of the country, the village has to change, the avenue is more and more beautiful, hope to keep a beautiful place in the construction of mountains and green water, more and more beautiful, happy day outing ,,,, April 3, 2022 poetry rhyme light song