Go learn to drive and avoid being Diss by instructor here

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No matter how good you are on the outside, when you are in the driver’s seat, you are like this: your limbs are out of control, your soul is behind the car…It’s even more desperate if you get teased by your coach about “no dirty words”…Scene 1 Is your parking lot the size of a football field?!Tips 1: Outlander is equipped with BSW blind spot warning system and RCTA reverse side and rear blind spot warning system, which monitors the rear and side and rear conditions of the vehicle in a large range, so that you can safely reverse into the storage after a good time.Practice scene 2 When you’re backing up, do you want to take off?Yige is equipped with the slope start assist system, which helps you release the brake on the slope and hold the brake for 2 seconds when stepping on the accelerator, effectively preventing the vehicle from slipping on the slope and making you start more calmly on the slope.Driving practice scene 3 Do you drive a mobile company?!Tips 3: Equipped with front McPherson type independent suspension and rear multi-link type independent suspension, it can not only protect the body from deformation to the greatest extent, but also filter out the excessive shaking of the road surface to keep the comfort and stability of driving and riding.Driving school learner drivers with TA coaches will no longer be aggressive from now on to get rid of the fear of being dominated by learner drivers easily enjoy the fun of driving activities from February 19, 2022 to February 21, 2022