Was it wrong for me to buy a computer for my sister?Because of this, my girlfriend and I made a big quarrel for half a month, and now she wants to break up

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I believe that many people yearn for a brother or sister in their childhood, after all, it is very rare to have a person in life who can support each other into old age.But slowly grow up, sometimes will meet the collision of affection and love, it is difficult to choose is true, then what to do?Recently, a male net friend sent a request for help to shudong on an online social networking platform, saying that he and his girlfriend had quarreled recently.The reason is that he gave his sister a computer, was informed by his girlfriend, the original satisfied valentine’s Day gift began to be crazy nitpicking, the relationship between the two people because of the sister dropped to the freezing point.It is reported that the man said he worked as a technician in the company, and his salary was not high on weekdays, but he usually subsidized his income by moving bricks in the online game “Against the Cold Water”. Recently, he earned more than 20,000 yuan by moving bricks in the New clothes during the Spring Festival.Girlfriend on weekdays also play the game, but not too will move brick, but indulge in the game, because she likes the beautiful fashion in the game, her boyfriend gave her a set of fashion she likes, girlfriend then said very beautiful very satisfied, but also constantly in the circle of friends show fashion, two people are peaceful.When her boyfriend’s salary came, she bought an Apple laptop for her younger sister, who was 8 years old, because her sister had been using her boyfriend’s laptop, which had been stuck to no good. At that time, she promised to send her a computer as long as she was admitted to college.Now, with an extra income, she bought a laptop for her sister.After the arrival of the computer, the girlfriend knew to buy ten thousand pieces of computer for her sister, began to take this matter to complain.He thinks his status is inferior to that of his younger sister, and his boyfriend can not care about spending money on his younger sister, but he only gave himself less than 200 yuan of fashion.But it’s a little cruel for your boyfriend to say that you were happy when he gave you the clothes because you loved them.Listening to his girlfriend’s constant complaints, the man said he really didn’t know how else to communicate with her.After all, he has recently earned a large sum of money by moving bricks against the cold, and he gave his sister a gift that had long been agreed.And girlfriend fashion has been good, but must and life for more than ten years of sister contrast, but also take gifts and sister to compare, do not know their own now also continue?In the face of the dispute between the two, the players are also expressing their views.Some people think that sister and wife can compare, and girlfriend forget it.Besides, although moving bricks against the cold water is really very profitable, but it is also very hard, I want to buy a notebook for my sister, but also for the growth of my family, if my girlfriend really wants expensive items, obviously he also has a game against the cold water, why not move bricks to make money?Do you think it’s wrong to give your sister a computer?Can the couple continue?