The number of 10 billion industrial enterprises in Changsha has grown steadily

2022-08-04 0 By

Changsha Evening News all media reporter Wu Ling Changsha and the new increase in billions of enterprises.Recently, Ningxiang economic zone ushered in the park’s first 10 billion enterprises – Zhongwei new energy.It took less than 5 years for this enterprise, which has transformed from real estate industry to manufacturing industry, to realize its output value of 10 billion yuan last year.There is no one alone.Not long ago, Changsha Economic and Development Zone also announced that in 2021, the park will add 2 new enterprises of 10 billion yuan (output value or revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan).The increasing number of industrial enterprises worth ten billion yuan in Changsha directly reflects the continuous burst of industrial vitality and steady improvement of enterprise strength in Changsha in recent years.In the future, this number is expected to continue to increase.Enterprises that achieve “zero” in multiple parks break through 10 billion yuan are the economic backbone of a city and an important force of urban economic competitiveness.As changsha’s first 100 billion industry – construction machinery industry, the early birth of Changsha’s 10 billion enterprises.In 2008, changsha billions of enterprises laid a “double yolk egg” — Sany and Zoomlion revenue both exceeded billions of yuan.Three years later, Shengtong Group Changsha Industrial Park located in Wangcheng Economic development Zone joined the lineup of 10 billion enterprises, becoming the fourth 10 billion enterprises in Changsha.In the following years, Changsha’s manufacturing industry developed rapidly, food and beverage, materials, electronic information and other industries have reached hundreds of billions of steps, the number of tens of billions of enterprises has also steadily increased, some industrial parks began to achieve a breakthrough of “zero” billions of enterprises.In 2011, four years after it settled in Liuyang Economic development Zone, Lansi Technology became the first enterprise of 10 billion yuan in liuyang park and realized the dream of big enterprise in Liuyang for many years.By 2013, Changsha Economic and Development Zone has owned 2 enterprises worth RMB 10 billion, including Sany and Zhonglian.This year, Changsha Economic development Zone put forward the “industry multiplication” plan.2019 marks the 10th year that SANY has settled in Ningxiang High-tech Zone.In this year, Sany Chongqi achieved its initial annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan and its first annual output value exceeded 10 billion yuan, becoming the first enterprise in Ningxiang city with an output value of over 10 billion yuan.In the first half of last year, when changsha Economic Development Zone released semi-annual economic data, it was revealed that the zone is expected to increase the number of 10 billion enterprises to 6, and now this wish has come true.The “1+2+N” industrial cluster becomes fertile ground. It is worth paying attention to that changsha has ten billion industrial enterprises, mainly distributed in construction machinery, automobile and parts, electronic information and other industries.In February last year, Changsha first proposed to vigorously promote the new pattern of “1+2+N” industrial cluster: in the next three years, Changsha will promote the construction machinery to advance to the world-class advanced manufacturing cluster, and cultivate the industrial cluster of advanced energy storage materials and a new generation of independent security computing system into a state-level advanced manufacturing cluster.As the key point of changsha’s future industrial cluster construction, “1+2+N” industrial cluster will inevitably become fertile soil for changsha’s ten billion industrial enterprises.Ningxiang, as the agglomeration area of changsha advanced energy storage materials industry, accelerates the layout and development around this industrial cluster pattern.Last year, Ningxiang proposed to firmly adhere to the “industry strong city” development strategy, focusing on the next five years, 10 new industrial enterprises with industrial output value of more than 10 billion, 10 listed enterprises “Double ten project plan”, the implementation of “industry multiplication” and “attract big attract strong” simultaneously.The foundation for ningxiang to propose this goal comes from the accumulation and precipitation of advanced energy storage materials, construction machinery and other industries in Ningxiang Economic development Zone and Ningxiang High-tech Zone.The reporter learned that among the two parks in Ningxiang city, the expected output value of Ningde Times Bangpu Cycle in 2021 is more than 8 billion yuan, and the fifth and sixth phase and nickel bean projects are being worked hard, and the output value is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan in 2022.More than that, enterprises and projects such as BYD Fordi blade battery project, Bangsheng New Energy 300,000-ton lithium iron phosphate project, Changsha Gree, Chutian Technology, Zhongke Star City graphite, And Xingbang Intelligent Thousand mu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park are all the seeds of enterprises with a future output value of ten billion yuan in Changsha.Changsha billions of industrial enterprises, the future can be expected.