Liquor industry has entered a new round of development cycle, market share will be concentrated to the head!

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Home of finance and Economics, many years of stock, futures investment experience, trend trader, respect from the fundamentals of cattle gene discovery, focus on the market’s main line of varieties main wave.February 11, Friday, after the pre-festival continued to kill after this week’s liquor plate warmer, but is still a polarizing trend.Among them, shanxi Fenjiu, Luzhou Laojiao and other first-line liquor is still very strong, while Kouzijiao, Shuijingfang and other second-line liquor performance is not good.First, from the technical point of view, liquor plate all day high fall, intraday was once up through the suppression of the 20 moving average, but in the afternoon there was a wave of rapid diving trend, indicating that the 20 moving average extending from the top to the bottom formed a certain pressure on the whole plate, and then blocked down and turn green trend.From the daily chart of liquor plate, in the process of recent continuous decline, there are a large number of pink columns, which is actually the acceleration of capital inflow, when many people are afraid, big capital has become greedy dream, making this week’s liquor plate received a large amount of sunshine line.In addition, it can be clearly seen from the figure below, once the emergence of this pink column, the late have different degrees of the market.By the end of February 11, the whole wine industry fell 0.92%. Among the 30 liquor components, only 6 companies rose, while 24 companies fell to different degrees.Among them, Shanxi Fenjiu, Gujing Gongjiu, Luzhou Laojiao, Wuliangye rose in the forefront of the industry;And Kweichow Moutai performed poorly, down 1.23% to close at 1849.97 yuan, afternoon high fall directly drag on liquor stocks.Iii. From the perspective of price-earnings ratio, the liquor sector walked out of a 2-year bull market from November 2018 to February 2021, and created a historical high. But then it began to slump and decline all the way, and then walked out of a valuation regression market.However, after the return of the valuation since February 2021, the current price-earnings ratio of the entire liquor plate has come to about 42 times, for the market value of the main board “brother”, more than 40 times of dynamic price-earnings ratio can not be said to be high or low, can only be said to be close to the historical level of a central.However, the current market style is obviously more in favor of low and low valuation varieties, so the current valuation of the wine plate can only be regarded as a reasonable position, and can not be regarded as biased, belonging to a stage of opportunities and risks coexist.In short, with the total volume of liquor industry shrinking, the iteration and upgrading of consumer demand, and the gradual intensification of market competition, the interference of uncertain factors will become normal, and the industry competition will evolve into systematic competition.To this, in the context of the public health event continues to spread, enterprise supply chain and chain must complement, need use digital transition to further enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, especially with a line of liquor brand value and high quality genetic stocks varieties, the quality of long-term price driven, is expected to continue to enjoy the mass consumer central up elastic space.Therefore, money elder brother thinks as the liquor industry has entered a new round of development cycle, market share will gradually concentrate to the head.# # the stock market