In Hong Kong he drives a Rolls-Royce, in Beijing he drives a Maybach, and he is also an invisible millionaire

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When it comes to Hong Kong, what comes to mind is either the Greater Bay Area or the rich. After all, li Ka-shing and other real estate tycoons all acquired such high assets in early investment.There is another person, maybe we do not know how rich he is, only know that his power is not to be underestimated, this person is Xiang Huaqiang.Just look at xiang’s car for an indication of how rich he is.Mr. Xu owns a Rolls-Royce in Hong Kong, as does Mr. Xiang.Many tycoons have cars in many places in China, including those like Xiang huaqiang, and whenever he rides in a car, it’s not an ordinary car.In Hong Kong, It’s not unusual for Xiang huaqiang to own a Rolls-Royce, but in Beijing, it’s a Maybach.Want to say xiang Huaqiang is a rich, can really say right, to too send Guo Biting house never soft, visible home is much money.Xiang Huaqiang’s assets after all how many, in addition to 10 million luxury car still what?There are always some similarities between big shots and big shots. For example, they are all very rich, and it is very easy to make money.Shi Yuzhu can rise again after a big defeat, Ma Yun can build a 100 billion yuan business empire with his own hands, while Xiang Huaqiang has personal power and business ability, and has his own charm in Hong Kong.Xiang huaqiang moved to Beijing many years ago and bought a Maybach to make it easier to get around.Remember, that was many years ago, and the cost of a Maybach was very high, although now you can occasionally see a few on the street, but at that time, this car has been very rare.Some people have seen Xiang Huaqiang in Beijing, but he is sitting in the Maybach, in addition to this car, there is a car in front, inside are bodyguards, this car is Toyota Overlord.As expected, Hong Kong’s big man is not ordinary, when going out in front of a Toyota full of bodyguards, while sitting alone in the maybach behind.I have to say, such a Hong Kong boss, style is really very full, this is not rich two words can describe, but dignified.Remember, Mr. Xiang is no ordinary figure in Hong Kong, and there is more to his main forces than meets the eye.Xiang huaqiang is not a family entrepreneur, but it has been many years before xiang huaqiang and his family’s vast business system came into being.The Xiang family was a luxuriant family with 13 brothers who were not ordinary people.The first thing to say is to go forward to Hua Qiang’s father, who is not an ordinary person.Qian Qian, a native of Lufeng, Guangdong province, joined the Military when he was young and did a lot of secret affairs. Dai Li later regarded him as a confidant.Such a person, in business, its connections are naturally not underestimated.At that time, Qianqian was assigned to collect all kinds of information while preparing funds for the Kuomintang, which also made Qianqian more and more powerful in Hong Kong, and also made the most profitable industry, including illegal industry.Have to say, in the behavior that involves black later forward, it is to let capital expand.Although the Hong Kong and British government was expelled from Hong Kong for “suspected of organizing triads, engaging in illegal political activities and spy activities”, his influence was so big that it would not be affected by his personal presence or absence in Hong Kong.In Hong Kong, xiang Hua Yan, the son of Qian Qian, also created considerable value for the family business and influence.It is reported that Qian Qian has a total of 13 children, except for xiang Huaqiang and Xiang Huasheng, who are often seen, there is little information on other brothers.But that doesn’t stop us from turning our judgment into a business.Xianghuaqiang’s business is famous for its films, but it is also an open industry.We don’t have to tell you how popular the Gamblers franchise is in China.Chow yun-fat became popular with this film, so it is not an understatement to say that this film is a masterpiece of god.In the 1980s and 1990s, Hong Kong’s film industry was booming, and Xiang made a fortune.There’s a little bit of gangsters involved, but not that much.This big man in the film industry, created a lot of myths, but also let “Kowloon”, “to Hua Qiang” these three words let us see and hear.And this big guy, as long as he does a thing, he will not do ordinary, but to do the best, even if the car is the same.Xiang huaqiang’s car, in addition to the two mentioned above, also includes two other luxury cars.In addition to the Rolls-Royce phantom mentioned above, there are two Rolls-Royces Ghost, one black and one white.Given the scale of Xiang’s film business, buying these four cars is not a problem. He is a movie mogul, after all.In the film industry, Xiang and his younger brother, Xiang Huasheng, also made a lot of money making films.In this process, Chen LAN also played a lot of roles, and now a lot of work in the film is Also Chen LAN.Hong Kong films can be divided into several eras, the first is Shaw, the second is Golden Harvest, and the third is Wing Shing.The most obvious change of the three eras is the change from Sammo Hung Jackie Chan to Jet Li, Chow Yun-fat and Chow Xingchi.So many people are most familiar with Insein, which was founded in 1987 by Xiang Huasheng, xiang’s younger brother.Say so, the business of inchoate xiang Huaqiang is still mixed to hua sheng and to too Chen LAN have very big concern.In the Internet era, video companies bought rights from these studios to get their sites viewed.What Insein did was to write a movie, many of which were popular classics in the 1970s and 1980s. It was necessary to buy them, and insein naturally earned a lot from the copyright fees.According to conservative estimates, Xiang Huaqiang, Xiang Huasheng and Chen LAN, even if they rely on copyright fees to live, their annual income can also be more than 100 million yuan.In the early years, Xiang Huaqiang also went to Beijing to invest in nightclubs. Because of the needs of The Times and business, the income of nightclubs in Beijing was also high at that time.The Beijing Opera Theater, xiang’s business, is now closed, but it was once a hot spot and a magnet for the powerful.Chen LAN’s domineering is also known, which is not only reflected in now to Guo Biting hair color should be tube, also reflected on skin care.Early years, in Beijing nightclub singing stage, someone hit Xiang Huaqiang a slap in the face, Chen LAN threw her hands double hit back.Who does not say a “female hero”.The power and strength of the family have continued from the Anti-Japanese War to the present, although the next generation of young people has not found anyone of great interest.But it was relatively easy for his family to live comfortably.This kind of wealth comes from the bone, not just from the businessman.Powerful people are very stylish, give a person the feeling is also very powerful.Do you think so?