After the Spring Festival, the prevention of post-festival syndrome, these matters needing attention

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The Chinese New Year Spring Festival home and family together, this is a very happy thing, but after the Spring Festival to quickly prepare work, there is an obvious post-holiday syndrome, a lot of people are like always lift not spirit, the whole people lazy, tiredness, and there are people can appear the gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite,Dizziness, constipation, acne, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms, which seriously affect life and work.So be sure to pay attention to your mood and lifestyle during the holiday season to prevent the occurrence of post-holiday syndrome.1. Avoid overeating Although during the Spring Festival, because families get together, it is inevitable to get a lot of delicious food, but also not because of this and give yourself an excuse to overeat.Variety is much, can try taste of each kind, satisfy oneself mouth desire at the same time also can avoid eat too full, increase stomach burden thereby.In addition, we should pay attention to dietary rules, eat slowly, and pay attention to the order of eating, drinking soup and then eating vegetables and meat, and finally eating staple food, so as to reduce the intake of calories, but also to control the blood sugar level.2. Avoid staying up late during the Spring Festival occasionally one or two nights to stay up late that is very normal (even if the elderly occasionally one or two nights to stay up late is not recommended), especially on New Year’s Eve, many places have the custom of staying up late, so it is inevitable.But we must pay attention not to often stay up late, especially many people during the Spring Festival holiday, some of the activities such as classmate parties are very much, so often stay up late, which is very bad for health, but also one of the important reasons for post-holiday syndrome.So pay attention to avoid these situations as much as possible and reduce the number of late nights.3. Avoid excessive drinking is China’s traditional culture, it is very rare not to drink during the Chinese New Year, but drinking should be moderate, do not get drunk, and do not mix alcohol to drink, or it is very harmful to the liver.Of course, there is another point that is very important to pay attention to is, drink not drive, drive not drink, this is a responsible basis for themselves and others.Many people experience post-holiday boredom or anxiety as a result of relaxing too much during the holidays.Especially some of the usual work of the crowd, after the Spring Festival holiday is easy to produce the mood of boredom, always can not lift the spirit.In this case, you can recharge your batteries properly during the holidays. Don’t relax too much and keep yourself in a state of combination of work and rest, so that you can better adapt to the life after the holidays.5. Return to work city 1 to 2 days in advance to get together with family and friends during the Spring Festival, it is inevitable that there will be feelings of sadness and need time to adjust. Therefore, return to work city 1 to 2 days before work and let time adjust your mood, so that you can better adapt to work life.If you return to your work city one or two days earlier, you can avoid excessive traffic and long delays on the way back.Post-spring Festival syndrome is an important adverse factor affecting people’s work, in the New Year, it obviously affects their work development, so in order to avoid this situation, it is best to do a good job during the Spring Festival prevention, so that they can better adapt to the New Year’s work, so that their work further.Qi Yafeng. Solving “Festival Syndrome”. Psychological Doctor. 2013, Issue 004 2.Zhang Haifeng. How to prevent “Festival syndrome”. Xintiandi. 2015 3.Li Zhuoxi. Advance treatment of Festival syndrome. Health and Beauty. 2014