Wu Qian Lantern Festival update dynamic, good mood seriously engaged in business, net friend: children waiting to spend money

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Wu Qian Zhang Yujian officially announced divorce, a beautiful marriage to this end, they officially restore the single state, each other.Did not expect Wu Qian Zhang Yuxin official announcement of divorce, a beautiful marriage to this end, they formally restore the single state, each other.Unexpectedly, the net friend felt very happy after hearing this news. Wu Qian finally restored her single life and began her own happy life.Netizens feel very happy after hearing the news, Wu Qian finally returned to single, began their own happy life.Many netizens are not optimistic about Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian, feel that Zhang Yujian is a unreliable boy, Wu Qian married him is a wrong choice.The first time to hear the star divorce than marriage also happy, it seems that we are really distressed Wu Qian, unexpectedly married to a man like this.This thought wu Qian because of divorce depression, sad for a period of time, did not expect wu Qian’s mood is still good, Wu Qian Lantern Festival update dynamic, good mood seriously engage in business.Remember to eat tangyuan and happy Lantern Festival.This is wu Qian updated content, although a few short words, but can see wu Qian’s mood is still good, otherwise how to update the dynamic in this sensitive period?The photo shows a box of glutinous rice balls and a box of glutinous rice cake with brown sugar.It looks like you are on the set and the food is very simple. How else would you eat such simple food on such an important day as the Lantern Festival?Although only a few words, but can see that Wu Qian mood is still good, not affected by the divorce event, as if did not happen.Wu Qian is in a good mood after divorce, serious career.Originally the work of the stars is very busy, in their world there is no holiday and no rest day, Wu Qian just divorced into the work, it is really hard.Wu Qian updated the dynamic, a net friend said that can not work hard?It’s a shame you don’t know what to do with the rest of your life when you have children to spend money on.What they said was that Wu qian had been divorced and it was very hard to raise her child alone. If she didn’t work hard any more, she was afraid her child would have no food to eat.As a single mother, it is very hard. If Wu Qian wants her child to live a good life, she has to pay a lot of efforts. Otherwise, how to provide good material foundation and good educational resources for her child?In fact, we do not need to worry too much about Wu Qian, although not very famous, but the money should be enough to spend.And Wu Qian is very beautiful, to yan yan to money money, more than ordinary people to earn, to a child should not be any problem.We think Wu Qian divorce is the right choice, bad marriage is really free.If it’s not right, why are we together?There is Wu Qian should have long been divorced, has passed, that sad moment, just officially announced it, the heart has no waves.Anyway, Wu Qian has been divorced, the most important thing at present is to do well in their own career, for the children and their life to do a good job.