Urban men generally do not want to marry rural women?That’s done. It’s the city guys who are climbing

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Because of the census, many girls fall into the misconception that because there are more men than women, they are hot.But in reality, high quality men are rare, and even general faith men are sometimes sought after by a kind of women because of certain characteristics.The real man can not marry a wife, not his own high requirements without the right psychological positioning, is really visible to the naked eye, if with him, his life will be dragged down.And the important point is that usually we say that the men who can’t get a wife are mainly rural men.Recently, there is a hot topic about why urban men generally do not want to marry rural women.Let’s take an example from my life.A little sister from the rural carp jump longmen admitted to a key university, height 168cm, white skin beautiful, good figure.Hotel manager, annual income of more than 10 million, good benefits, and a few years expected annual salary of 20 million.The man who chase after her is a city person, the child is enough to use, the image is general, the job is stable, the annual income is less than 10W, the home two suites.The man knew that she was a rural girl, that her parents had no pension and that there were three siblings in her family.But he could not stop his passion.Now they have been married for four years and have a two-year-old daughter.Men every day “my daughter-in-law, my daughter-in-law” hanging in the mouth, at least up to now or very happy.Not all rural women have no one to marry, in the final analysis, to see the comprehensive quality.A year or two ago, I also wrote an article criticizing the phenomenon of “young women in rural areas”.Rural little grandmother refers to a kind of women who seize the weakness of rural men who are not good at getting married. After marriage, they do not work very often, raising children every day and doing nothing.In fact, men are very realistic and wise, you see some men utter not a word, in fact, their heart is a steelyard.They are in what level, to find what kind of women is a match, what is their own high climb, what is their own low, their hearts are mirror like.So they are different about what kind of partner they find, what kind of attitude they hold before marriage or marriage, how to get along and so on.Take the rural granny phenomenon. Which man is born to want to serve others?But they couldn’t. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to keep her.But once they have a chance to turn over their own personal value and charm after the rise, do you think they will let their daughter-in-law so capricious?That’s when a woman is afraid a man will leave her, and the tables turn.So most of the time family, birth is one hand, personal ability, comprehensive quality is also a key part of the investigation.So the answer to the proposition that “urban men generally do not want to marry rural women” is not certain.Of course, here I also help you to analyze the reasons why city men usually do not want to marry rural girls, roughly the following three.There are too many relatives and they can not understand the difference from the cement wall in the city, the countryside is more advocating the social distance.Many relatives, formed a complex network of relationships.Relatives are not afraid, afraid is in front of many relatives, a person can not clear what he should do.We often say that the marital relationship comes first after marriage.It’s ok to help others with a simple gesture, but don’t put your partner on the spot for things that require self-injury.Many city men, in particular, are afraid of their rural wives having a younger brother.Many old ideas involve a preference for sons over daughters, and women who grow up in such an environment can easily become a fiend.The modern people, whose parents have no pension and their own financial situation is also in trouble, live a stressful life. Everyone wants to live a better life, but most of them are shy of marriage, which is bound to increase the burden of life.Especially since rural parents do not have pensions, they are more insistent on betrothal gifts, which are larger than those in cities.And if this rural girl at this time, their personal situation, economic ability is also in the middle of the lower level, then the expectation of marriage, must be discounted.To be practical, if the marriage is objectively compared to a partnership business, it is understandable that no one is willing to do a loss of business, should be considered comprehensively.And parents have no choice, so it is necessary to make some efforts and changes from their own.Different living environments, ideological differences Can not be reconciled Why, from ancient times to the present, our marriage is always pay attention to the same class, because different family environment and education will form different ways of thinking.The concept of thinking can be changed to some extent under the influence of education or the surrounding environment, but it is difficult to reverse a person’s way of thinking.Two people who think alike are less likely to have conflicts in their marriage.And a person’s deeply rooted ideas, it is very difficult to fundamentally change.And many urban men fear that rural girls are using them as a springboard.For example, feng Xiaoqin and Feng Qianqian are the rural sisters in Heart Dwelling.Whether a city man is willing to marry a country woman is simply based on whether the girl’s personal value can “balance the game”.So, urban girls and rural girls alike, remember this: a woman’s best investment is to be herself.-END- The world is so big, thank you, can see me!