The whole region and the whole time ban on burning, New Year’s Eve dongping public security all-out attack!

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In order to strengthen the safety management of fireworks and firecrackers, to further improve the air quality and urban and rural environment, to protect the safety of people’s lives and property, promote the construction of civilized cities.County public Security Bureau all the public security police to carry out fireworks ban burning, ban concentrated rectification action.From the night of January 31 to the early morning of February 1, deputy county magistrate, county public Security Bureau Party secretary, director Shi Xin led the organization of the New Year’s Eve fireworks ban on burning ban centralized unified inspection action, Comrade Sun Feng, Comrade Li Baohua, county public security bureau related unit staff a total of 150 police officers to participate in the action.Shi Xin attached great importance to the work of banning fireworks and firecrackers, listened to reports exclusively, and put forward clear requirements for many times.Detailed work measures will be taken on mobilization and deployment, publicity and launch, and social meeting and control.Strengthen organization patrol guard at 7, all the fighters in dongping county public security bureau police station, the division of labor bureau leaders before the war mobilization, all the fighting forces in accordance with the principle of mixed into, synthetic combat division 35 XunLuoZu, fireworks banned as a whole, the job requirement, such as public security patrol, complete coverage of the whole county, and scribing packages section of locus of control,Combined with aerial patrol at the commanding heights and skyeye video patrol, the uav police and navigation team continuously carries out mobile patrol, realizing three-dimensional inspection and control without leaving dead spots.Strengthen the investigation of security risks to strengthen the source of prevention and control, to ensure that “not sell a gun”, the county public Security Bureau to play a leading role in the business of fireworks sales, transportation, storage enterprises to carry out inventory rectification, effectively governance violations.Strengthen publicity to create atmosphere out vehicle more than 200 vehicle-timeses, hanging banners 700 article, posted notices of more than 20000 copies of visiting the crowd of more than 50000, more than 20000 shops along the street and a responsibility of more than 1000 copies of through traditional media such as newspaper, TV and WeChat, weibo and other new media comprehensive publicity, to form a universal understanding, support and participate in the good situation of banned.Until 1 o ‘clock in the morning of February 1, all the participants fought for 5 hours continuously and inspected 85 key locations and 310 residential areas, such as villages in the city and the urban-rural fringe, without a single “ringing” or “discharge” situation, and the absolute clearance of the main urban area of the county was realized.At the same time, the police stations actively cooperate with township (street) local cadres to closely carry out the district’s New Year’s Eve centralized inventory work, have not found the problem of centralized discharge.Police tip if there is an order, stop if there is a ban.Cities are our common home, and it is everyone’s responsibility to be civilized and law-abiding citizens.The police will continue to increase patrol and inspection efforts, vigorously carry out fireworks “illegal” special action, focus on strengthening the investigation of urban and rural areas and rural areas, severely crack down on illegal production, operation, storage, transportation, setting off fireworks.At the same time, the police called on social units, all walks of life to strengthen education management, jointly create a safe, peaceful, green, civilized festival environment;We also hope that the general public will actively discourage and report illegal discharge behaviors.Inform against telephone 110 Dongping county public security Bureau to promote public security work to serve the people