The three worst phones to buy in 2022 are expensive and cheap, but some people still get cheated

2022-08-03 0 By

Although smart phones have made great progress compared with previous years, there is still a big gap between different phones before.Many friends will get tangled in the face of a wide variety of mobile phones, but not all of them are worth buying. The three mobile phones mentioned below are recognized by industry insiders as being of high price and low configuration, so it is recommended that you do not buy them.The first model: Vivo Y53s In general, the price is not particularly high, but the price of the standard version is 1699 compared with other products, it is really a little less impressive.The rear 64 million +2 million double camera, the front 8 million camera is also in the normal, 5000 mah battery with 18W fast charge, this price can not go too much.But with qualcomm Snapdragon 480 processor, it can be described as low-end low-end, demon himself bought a family elders.Answering and making phone calls is enough, once you have higher requirements, you don’t have to think about it at all, and it won’t be long before you get stuck.Finally, I chose to hang around and recycle more than 800, plus 1,000 for the Red rice K40.OPPO Reno 7, however, is quite good in terms of appearance level and battery life. It can be considered for Xu Hang and friends who have higher requirements for photos. After all, the appearance level of the phone is really resistant to calls.But the phone’s performance and photography are much worse.This is the main reason why bogeyman doesn’t recommend buying this phone.For the price of nearly 3000, the screen only supports the refresh rate of 90Hz, and does not support DC dimming. It is true that I am sorry for this price.In addition, the processor of Snapdragon 778G, at the price of 3,000 yuan, is really not competitive in the market of other friends of dragon 870 base.Honor V40 another model is honor V40, and the above mentioned situation is similar, the processor and screen is hard, Phecda 1100 processor is really not enough to look at.The honor V40, without the Hongmeng system and the Kirin chip, has no hardware to justify its price.In addition, the battery life of this phone is also a big problem. The battery life of 4000mA is the bottom of the same type of products in the current environment where the power consumption of mobile phones is generally improved and the battery capacity of most mobile phones reaches 5000.The above three mobile phones are currently relative to other products of the same type, the premium is more serious models, is not recommended to buy, do not step on the pit.