Su Yiming jumps for 5 records!General Administration of Sports in person, break 2 major miracles all day chosen son

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On February 15, Beijing time, Su Yiming set five records with one jump, and won his first gold medal of this Olympic Games in men’s snowboard platform, equaling his sister Gu Ailing.Two people can be said to be the Unparalleled double pride of the Chinese delegation, more importantly, Su Yiming this jump directly achieved five miracles.The final is three big platform, two jump jump to take the best result, but it is now too strong, dominating Su Yi wong first jumped 89.50 points, the second jump 93 points, this means that after two jump Su Yi sound came to the total score of 182.50 points, ahead of locking champions, 3 jump before he hasn’t jump, after all the players in front of the jump, he has been a champion.So this time, Su arguably showed a more dominant performance than Gu. Gu’s big jump was a last-minute comeback to win, while Su’s last jump was his own performance, and everyone watched as he took the gold.First of all, it was his first gold medal. Second, it was the youngest Chinese athlete to win a gold medal in the whole history of the Winter Olympics. Su yiming was three days away from his 18th birthday.On February 18, his 18th birthday, su yiming, 17, became the youngest Chinese gold medalist in the history of the Tokyo Olympics, surpassing Zhou Yang.It was a demonstration of su’s extreme talent, and not only that, su also set a third first, the first Chinese man to win the big jump, and the first Chinese snowboarder champion.There are also the fourth first, he won the single session of the sixth gold medal for the Chinese team, broke the history of the previous Winter Olympics record.China won the most gold MEDALS in the history of the Previous Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010. At that time, China won five gold MEDALS, but this time we won the sixth gold medal, directly breaking the legendary record.And there was one final miracle: After Su yiming won gold, it was China’s 12th gold medal of these Winter Olympics, which broke the previous Olympic record.Throughout its long winter Olympics, China has won a maximum of 11 gold MEDALS, including 5 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze MEDALS.They also won 11 MEDALS in Turin in 2006, two gold, four silver and five bronze, but now China has broken the record with 12 MEDALS.Moreover, our 12 MEDALS this time are the highest gold content in the history, including 6 gold MEDALS, 4 silver MEDALS and only 2 bronze MEDALS. The content of gold and silver MEDALS is more than 85%.No wonder the general Administration of Sports sent a congratulatory message directly to Su. They sent a congratulatory message directly to Su for winning the gold medal. They said it was su’s best coming-of – age ceremony for herself and the best Lantern Festival gift for the whole nation.And the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is still in progress, six gold, four silver and two bronze, has created the best results in history, but we can continue to continue to create records, and continue to advance.And what’s even more gratifying is su’s age, which is even younger than Gu.If the referee had not made a mistake, he would have even won two gold MEDALS instead of one gold and one silver.It is believed that the sky of Su Yiming and Gu Ailing is infinite in the future. Their sister and brother together can compete in at least three Winter Olympics for China. It is conceivable that they can bring much power to the ice and snow sports in China.He was more patriotic than anyone else. He once said that his greatest wish was to stand on the highest peak and let the national anthem ring.