Sichuan public security traffic police launched severe weather emergency response plan alarm phone 24 hours to accept the masses for help

2022-08-03 0 By

During the Spring Festival, sichuan is affected by cold air and plateau fluctuation, with mainly cold weather and more rainy days. There is sleet or light snow in the mountainous areas around the basin, and moderate to heavy snow locally.Affected by this, some sections of the province appear ice and snow, do not have safe vehicle passage conditions.In order to ensure the safety of the masses, the provincial Public Security Department traffic police Corps quickly started the severe weather emergency response plan, unified command by the corps command center, hierarchical management.High-speed traffic police and local traffic police on relevant sections of the province hit the road, and actively worked together with relevant departments. Through a number of measures such as deicing and melting snow, police escort, “all the way” group pressure lane, stranded passengers dredging, some sections of the road have now resumed normal traffic.Pay attention to the traffic police of Sichuan public Security to remind the majority of drivers: first, please pay attention to the weather in time, according to the traffic safety tips of the local traffic management department, use navigation software reasonably, choose or adjust the travel route in advance, and try to avoid the road traffic control sections and accident prone areas caused by road icing in the rain and snow weather.In bad weather, try off-peak travel and choose public transportation.Two is to do a good job of vehicle maintenance, master the necessary winter bad weather driving skills, keep a good attitude, civilized driving, to avoid road scrambling induced accidents.Third, the public security traffic control department will launch temporary control measures at a timely time according to weather conditions and prevailing road conditions.In case of traffic jam in the controlled section, please follow the command of the traffic police and pass orderly.If you have an emergency need help please call the following phone number: 028-875959592 highway G5 Beijing-Kunming expressway Yaxi (Ying Jing to Yi Sea section), 0834-3620333G4218 Yaye expressway Yakang (Kang Ding to Xingulou section),333-2575122 G4217 rong Chang high speed wenma (Malkang-Mialuo segment), 028-82669593G76 xia Rong high speed Na Qian (Macheng to zhendong segment), S80 guyi high speed (Gulin segment), 0813-82241223 local national and provincial road Liangshan: Xichang G248 line Anhe fork;Xide County G550 line (Wajimo section), S218 line (avoid road hill section);Butuo County G356 Line Diluo section, Zeluo section, S464 line Tujue section;G318 small mountain section in Yanyuan County;Mianning county within the TERRITORY of G108 national road Towushan section.G350 line Barang Cave Zikou, Haizigou to cat nose bridge segment, G351 line clamping Jinshan segment, S217 line Mengbi Mountain segment;Songpan County G213 line Chuan Zhu Si to Galitai section;Li County G317 line Gully, Miyalo section;G544 Gongbaoling section in Jiuzhaigou;Aba County G347 line Ayira Mountain, Haizi Mountain part of the road.Ganzi Prefecture: Section of LINE S434 from Kangding to Red Sea in Kangding;Danba G248 line eight United States to Danba section.0837-2832122 Sichuan Public Security Traffic Police escort every traffic participant’s safe journey, 24 hours “open”.At the same time, do not hold the alarm phone for a long time unless necessary.Unblocked “safe channels” so that people in need of emergency assistance can get help as soon as possible.Content source | Sichuan publishing graphic editor | Luo Yanju responsible editor | Yang Huping