Not out of Luzhou, Luzhou people qingming holiday to play where?These are good places to go

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Qingming Festival is here, which is the first long holiday after the Spring Festival.Everyone starts after the Spring Festival, has been busy to now, it is time to use the small long vacation to relax, because only three days of vacation, is not fit to go very far place, so the Wang Mu wood lists several for you today: only a half a day or time of a day, not out of luzhou, can play ba shi4 seasonal attractions, finish see remember to collect.Spring is already far away, the world’s most beautiful April day, the current Na Stream, is already the sea of flowers, while a small holiday free, to enjoy the flowers.(1) Not to be missed visual feast: colorful flowers, flower fields and wine fields.In April, the flower fields and wine fields are full of beauty and charming spring scenery. Here, it is already a sea of flowers.Come here and enjoy a rare visual feast.Kale, poppies, tulips……Are already open to all kinds of visitors.Tips: Online ticket purchase one day in advance is only 9.9.Address: Naxi district flower field wine area.(2) romantic qionghua sea, Fengle Qionghua into a piece of “sea unparalleled jade stamen, different from the eight immacons home.”The beauty of qionghua, when you see it, you will fall in love with it.Now, The qionghua in Fengle town of Naxi has been in full bloom. Qionghua in the breeze, white snow, smiling to welcome visitors from all directions.Qionghua’s words: infinite charm, perfect love, integrity and kindness.Na Xi this Qionghua valley, is now one of the most popular net red card point luzhou.Address: Qionghua Valley, Ma Village, Fengle Town, Naxi.When many people see Yaoba, they think it is too close, but in fact, the charm of Yaoba lies not only in the old street, but also in the food.Yaoba, as the “back garden” of Luzhou people, has always been a good place for people to relax on weekends. Here, you can not only feel the smell of fireworks in the old street, but also taste many special products and delicacies.For friends who like food, walk slowly around the old street and look at the ancient buildings, a half a day will be gone.To solve the lunch problem, you can choose the famous red soup mutton, or the popular Hejiang Bean Flower restaurant, or the white water fish that only a few people know.After lunch, can also take away the old street: yellow ba, shao silk sugar, radish dry, bean curd, chili sauce, dendrobium, authentic manual red shao powder…..There is even the old-fashioned way of making “bao Gu bao ‘er” (popcorn).3. Climb high and look far, zen worship on the selection: Fangshan, Fawang Temple, Jade Cicada Mountain and Jinlong Temple.As a buddhist holy land, Luzhou, large and small temples.No matter fangshan, Fawang Temple, jade Cicada Mountain, Jinlong Temple, are very good places to go.These places, convenient transportation, fresh air, good vision, ancient temple quiet, an empty, just can give the tired mind a good rest.During the holiday, for both want to relax, but also want to take a proper exercise friends, can consider visiting the above several places.Hint: Fangshan, Jinlong Temple, there is a meal to eat, can eat, depends on fate.(1) Friends to Fangshan, you can choose the farmhouse or the bean restaurant at the foot of the mountain to eat, you can also eat in the stone shed old street.(2) Friends who go to Fawang Temple can choose to have dinner in The town of Fawang Temple.(3) Those who go to Yuchan Mountain can choose to have dinner in Luxian County.(4) For those who go to the Golden Dragon Temple, it is close to the city and there are too many choices to make.PS: After reading, if you have a collection, remember to give a thumbs-up to Wang Mumu.