“New Year walk grassroots” lights dazzle night sky Jiangdong New Year flavor thick

2022-08-03 0 By

As night falls, all kinds of lanterns are suddenly lit up, dressing up the night sky of jiangdong with colorful colors.On the evening of January 29, reporters saw in gaoping city, a variety of tiger lights, red lanterns, colorful bulbs for the whole city to change the “new outfit”.The walls of high-rise buildings along the river are also lit up by a huge “light screen”, which constantly plays colorful animated pictures composed of lights with the theme of celebrating the Spring Festival, presenting a colorful night scene filled with joy, harmony, festival and peace.Various colored lights decorated the streets, attracting a large number of citizens to enjoy the lights, shopping, clocking photos, experience the New Year folk culture.Wu Thant, a citizen, said that now Nanchong is becoming more and more beautiful, with dazzling night scenery and strong lunar New Year flavor.Citizen Zhang Zhiqiang said: “Every year when the New Year’s Day of our city lights, flowers are dressed up or very New Year atmosphere, and good-looking, and dream, especially the garden side this year also installed tiger lights, but also particularly appropriate.I hope the New Year is full of vigor and vitality!”Reporters in gaoping streets and Wangfujing, Anhan Square and other places to see, meaning happiness and reunion of the red lanterns have been hung on the branches, set off a thick festive atmosphere.The night of the city, neon flashing, beautiful.It is reported that gaoping area in the Spring Festival lighting, beautification, a large number of LED lights, both highlight the design effect, and highlight the energy conservation and environmental protection.The street lighting landscape, with multi-level and three-dimensional lighting effect, reflects the characteristics of the Year of the Tiger, shows the festive atmosphere of warmth and harmony, so that the citizens feel the strong flavor of the New Year.Gaoping District Rong Media Center reporter: Tang Jing reports