Is it better to throw away or drink the first tea?How do you tell the difference?Most tea friends do not know

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Many people in the tea, always pour the first tea, and warned friends around, the first tea is toxic, can not drink, must be poured out.But there are also some tea friends, when making tea, never think of the first course of tea, insist that the first course of tea is the most nutritious, it is a pity to throw away.So is it better to pour or drink the first tea?How do you tell the difference?The following article will tell you the most objective and true situation.1. Can the first tea wash away agricultural residues?The answer is no.Because most pesticides are fat-soluble, they don’t dissolve in water.Even if you use boiling water, you can only dilute a fraction of it.Those who expect to get rid of agricultural residues through tea washing can wake up.But more importantly, at present, most of the tea does not exist in excess of the problem of agricultural residues, there is no need to wash tea to remove agricultural residues.Similarly, excessive heavy metal elements are the same, which cannot be removed by washing tea.2. No nutrition for the first tea?The answer is no.For most teas, nutrients are released during the first 10 to 15 seconds of brewing.In other words, the first teas are the most nutritious, especially those that are unfermented or lightly fermented, such as green, yellow and even white and oolong teas.The first bubble has the highest nutritional value. If the tea washing time is too long, most of the essence will be poured out, which is a pity.3. Can washing tea remove impurities and dust?The answer is not necessarily.Tea needs to go through multiple processes and links from picking and making, transportation and sales to consumer drinking. If any of these links are contaminated, there is indeed a problem of sanitation.However, washing alone can only remove a small part of the dust.And in daily life, we are always in all kinds of dust, it is impossible to do a thorough cleaning.At the same time, if there are old pieces, tea fruits, tea stems and even stones in the tea, it is impossible to remove them by washing the tea.Two, which tea do not need to wash tea?From the production technology and brewing methods of tea and other aspects, most of the daily consumption of tea is not the need to wash tea.Because the tea can not wash away agricultural residues and dust, and may even waste nutrients.Therefore, like green tea, yellow tea, can do not wash tea at all.These teas have not been fermented or are only slightly fermented and have limited brewing resistance. They often end up in three stews. If the tea is washed, there is not much tea taste behind.In white tea, the silver needle of pekoe and other loose tea without pressing, in oolong tea, the tea with low fermentation degree and low shaping degree, as well as most black tea, also do not need to wash tea.If you really want to wash the tea, use warm water of 60 degrees Celsius and quickly moisten the tea for 5 to 10 seconds.Remember not to soak in high temperature for a long time, otherwise it will cause the loss of nutritional value.Three, which tea must be washed?From the perspective of brewing, the tea that should be washed most is actually dark tea.Because in the process of making dark tea, it is fermented by artificial pile, pressed into shape, and then aged. If tea is not washed, the tea cannot quickly wake up and the taste cannot be released quickly, affecting the drinking experience.Especially the old tea stored for many years, which includes old white tea, old old general, old ripe general and old dark tea, should be washed tea.However, these tea washing tea is not to wash away agricultural residues or dust, more is to wake up tea, wake up tea may be more suitable.Some old tea, which has been stored for more than 10 years, needs to be washed twice with 100 degree hot water to achieve the purpose.In addition, there are some tea with a higher degree of shape, such as spherical oolong tea, tuo tea, brick tea and other compact tea, also need tea washing.Its purpose is also to awaken tea, so that the taste of tea can be released quickly, to bring people a better tasting experience.All in all, not all teas need to be washed.Some of the first teas are so nutritious that it’s a pity to drop 10 points.But some of the first tea, it is best to throw away, because it may have some taste, taste is not so good.