Faw Toyota new Asia Dragon: intelligent enhancement, flagship version of the price down 10,000

2022-08-03 0 By

Chongqing Business Daily Fu Rong recently, FAW Toyota B+ class flagship car brand new “Asian Dragon” on the market, providing 3 power 9 models, the price range is 199,800 yuan – 279,800 yuan.This is its annual model, what are the specific changes?From the price point of view, except for 2.5L dual-engine flagship model, the price of “Asian Dragon” basically continues the price standard of the previous generation, but the configuration is more upgraded.First, in terms of external size, the length of the body has increased from 4975mm to 4990mm, strengthening the positioning of its B + class flagship sedan.In appearance, the new Asian Dragon provides two different styles of front grille, among which 2.5L dual-engine version and 2.0L gasoline powered version use the upper and lower highlighted modular grille, highlighting the high-end atmosphere;The 2.5L gasoline-powered version uses a dot-mesh front grille to highlight a low center of gravity and a strong dynamic motion. The rim also comes in three new shapes.Interior, in addition to the entry version of the model, other models with the upgrade of the central control screen, “Asian Dragon” has eliminated the physical button.The technological configuration upgrade is a highlight of this event. The new Generation Toyota Safety Sense (” TSS “) is equipped with a full range of smart Cars. In the field of Safety, TNGA models have always followed the concept of “entry is high quality”.The new version of TSS is version 2.5. Based on the original version 2.0, the TSS has the functions of identifying bicycles during the day, identifying vehicles and pedestrians at night, pre-collision braking at intersections and ESA emergency steering assistance.ACC adaptive cruise adds curving deceleration.In addition to detecting routes, the LDA has been upgraded to detect road edges, which can also be used to identify rural roads without regular lines.In addition, smart keys, wireless charging, full LCD instruments and other configurations have been added to the new Asialong, and Toyota Connect Has been added to the whole system to achieve remote control of the vehicle.The upgrading method of increasing quantity without increasing price further increases the competitive strength of “Asian Dragon”, and “six exclusive Zhimei Luxury Gift packages” adds additional “Easter eggs” to its sales.”Asia Dragon” as faW Toyota’s sales ranked the third model, its sales for FAW Toyota this year hit the sales target of one million is crucial.