Yanta Six Primary school: project-based learning, let “double minus” really happen

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Sunshine News (correspondent Zhao Jie, Li Xiang, reporter Zhang Jing) project-based teaching is a teaching activity that teachers and students carry out a complete project work together.Students must integrate their knowledge and life experience from various disciplines and work with teams to solve various problems.In this process, students conduct behaviors such as inquiry, communication, innovation and collaboration, which are beyond the reach of traditional teaching mode.This semester, Yanta Six Primary School focuses on the construction of project-based curriculum, changing teachers’ teaching methods and students’ learning methods in an interdisciplinary integrated way, improving students’ core literacy, and making the “double minus” really happen.”I love my six primary School” care project curriculum After deep excavation of the project curriculum theme, the school finally ushered in the “I love my six primary school” project curriculum wonderful display.The Chinese language group focused on “Six Elementary students in my eyes”. Three Chinese teachers, Deng Ying, Wei Ying and Jin Xiao, started teaching in sequence, from reading pictures and writing to campus poetry, and finally gave comprehensive comments on students’ works.Under the guidance of teachers, the children actively play the spirit of “beauty of language” and “beauty of exploration”, and give full play to their imagination and creativity.Mathematical set around the “six small mathematical tour” to display, zhu pigeon, Wei Ziliang two mathematics teachers using the mathematical information in the campus, not only let xiaoqing kwai immersive feeling of mathematical beauty, pull into the distance between the school and students, and make students more in-depth to explore the campus, from the perspective of mathematical deepened the love to the school.Xin teacher to music classroom, room songs “growth” as the background music, six small silhouette video broadcast, for the children brought a wonderful audio-visual feast, combination of song learning, performance, show six small campus culture, deepening the xiaoqing kwai, the love for the beautiful campus, xiaoqing kwai, expressed to six small beautiful blessing.In the science class, Teacher Fang Xiaohua led the children to experience the “six small garden culture” in the laboratory. The beautiful scenery of apricot blossom opening in The Apricot avenue made the children linger on for a long time. By observing the growth process of apricot trees, they felt the magic of life and felt the vitality of the six small campus culture.In the art class, Teacher Zhang Jin around “I do design for six small”, guide the little green kwai with good observation eyes to find the beauty, feeling the beauty, for six small design mascot, in the design trip, the little green kwai not only learned the design ability, but also expressed the love of the school with rich works.Focus on “ShuangJian” to classroom teaching development project type “I love my six small theme care course for all the teachers of” xiaoqing kwai “deeply, provides students with more opportunities for research and experience, to cultivate the students’ creativity, practical, work force, closer to the reality and learn, develop the students’ comprehensive quality,Enhance students’ emotional experience.The work of “double minus” is to let students’ core accomplishment get full development, cultivate students’ comprehensive quality, and let students feel the joy of learning and success invisibly.”Real learning is to let learners experience the meaning and value of learning itself”, which is the original intention of project-based teaching.This series of project-based learning activities enriched classroom teaching and enhanced teachers’ cohesion.One person in class, many help, a theme, thinking together.Teachers’ collaborative ability has been improved, and their teaching thinking has been developed, which no longer focuses on their own individual disciplines and homework design, but focuses on common themes, common education, and truly promotes deep learning.Under the guidance of this innovative, warm, thoughtful and collaborative teacher team, we will be able to cultivate the “six Beautiful” teenagers facing modernization and the future in the new era.The wonderful and rich series of courses introduced students into the emotional experience of loving six primary schools, and students expressed their love for six primary schools in various forms.They observe Liu Xiao with the vision of discovery, feel liu Xiao with the thinking of exploration, and express Liu Xiao with their unique creativity. Every piece of work is the best gift they give to Liu Xiao.The implementation of the “double reduction” work alleviates the anxiety of examination-oriented education, and challenges us to change our teaching ideas and create a high-quality education system.This is a preliminary study, but also the starting point of thinking, in the process of research, every teacher is doing their best, from nothing to active learning, from communication and discussion to the formation of work flow, we are in continuous progress, but also in continuous learning.We believe that the seeds of project-based courses have been quietly sown in the hearts of every teacher and student, carefully cultivated, will be brilliant flowers!Best creative award Best achievement Award Best Design Award Best style award