The rating agencies are frantic, the food giants have the most attention, and the top 20 stocks have the most potential

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The annual report of more than 700 listed companies concentrated disclosure, Haitian flavor industry has become the most concerned about the institutions in the past week.A shares into the annual report intensive disclosure period performance has become the main market rating line in the last week of March, A shares into the annual report intensive disclosure period.Securities Times · Data Bao statistics, March 25 to 31, as many as 747 listed companies announced the 2021 annual report.As a result, the number of brokerage ratings increased, with 65 institutions issuing a total of 1,873 ratings and 540 listed companies receiving “buy” ratings.Data treasure statistics, nearly a week, 15 times or more agency ratings of the stock a total of 22, many industries leading white horse stocks in the column.Among them, “soy sauce grass” Haitian flavor industry agency rating number, a total of 36 times.In its annual report released on March 25, the company achieved a net profit of 6.671 billion yuan in 2021, up 4.18% year on year.Several brokerages said the company’s fourth-quarter results beat market expectations.Citic Securities believes that the company has the leading channel/scale/management advantages, cooking wine, vinegar and other new growth curve has begun to take shape, after the negative factors subside, is expected to continue to increase market share and maintain sustainable growth.Kingsoft Office, Guanglianda, Tsingtao Brewery and Industrial Bank all have ratings of 25 times or more, and the first two belong to the application software industry.Jinshan Office achieved net profit of 1.041 billion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 18.57%.Western Securities said the increase was in line with expectations.B end of the company is strongly driven by information and innovation, and the cloud and collaborative office mode is steadily advancing.C terminal user base is expanding steadily, ARPU is improving significantly, and subscription business has considerable growth potential.Zhongtai securities said that after reduction, Guanglian da net profit of 1.144 billion yuan, the same caliber year-on-year growth of 29.19%.The company’s cost business has exceeded expectations again, the cost cloud transformation has been further deepened, the construction business has achieved a great breakthrough, and the future revenue volume can be expected.However, construction business volume or short-term pressure on the company’s profitability.Above 22 shares, in addition to Puraya have issued an annual report.Among them, Hualu Hengsheng and power diamond net profit doubled;Net profits of wuxi Apptec, Botten and Citic Securities increased by more than 50 per cent year-on-year.Three stocks, conch Cement, Jinjiang Hotel and Xingyu Shares, saw their net profits drop by 18.12% year-on-year.Brokerage stock target price in 540 agency rating stocks, to Shenwan level 1 industry division, pharmaceutical biology, chemical, machinery and equipment, electronics listed the number of stocks in the top, more than 40 shares.From March 25 to 31, the market was mixed, with the Shanghai Composite index rising slightly by 0.06%.Since the recommendation day, the agency rating stocks fell by an average of 0.02%, 15 stocks rose more than 10%, China Merchants Shipping, Youyan New Materials and China Resources Double Crane performed the best, up more than 20%;And yuan biological correction range of more than 20%.Performance positive boost, a number of brokerages have raised the stock target price.According to Databao statistics, 20 of the 22 stocks that have been rated more than 15 times by agencies have more than 20% upside potential compared to their target price.Glodon leads the way, up to 88%;China Pacific Insurance, wuxi Apptec, Industrial Bank, M&G shares rose more than 50% space;Institutional attention is higher Haitian flavor industry and Kweichow Moutai, 24.53% and 39.62% of the room to rise respectively.On the rating front, 14 stocks were upgraded by agencies, with the latest “buy” ratings on all stocks excluding Kelion and Zhongbai group.In terms of annual performance, the net profits of Zhongke Sanhuan, Jiayuan Technology and Haier Bio doubled, and the year-on-year growth rate of Kelaiin and Baoxin software was more than 35%.It is worth noting that angel yeast, peach and plum bread, pet shares, 100 group and other food stocks net profits are down year-on-year.In addition, brokerage agencies cut A total of 17 shares of the latest rating, Vanke A, Guangdong Hydropower and other recent strong stocks in the column.Source: Securities Times Review: Tan Lugang