The community has just been unsealed, the whole house of the owner is soaked, and the elderly are in urgent need of care alone…Property people how the Spring Festival?

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“I haven’t been home for Chinese New Year in three years.”Dragon lake Tianjin Tian Chen original housekeeper Li Wenting said so.The Spring Festival holiday is a time for family reunion. Because of the special nature of work, many property owners still stick to their jobs.Some people live in a residential area that has just been unsealed, some owners are in other places but their homes suddenly leak and the whole house is soaked, and some old people live alone and need to enter the house service all the time.Behind a lot of family laughter, it is these property people stick to it as usual.At the end of the year of 2022 when the newly unsealed community was trying to eliminate the disease, Tianjin again broke out, and longhu Tianchen original project was also closed from January 8 to January 27.Speaking of these days, Li Wenting is still impressed: “The community is closed, so we need to do a lot of things at a time. We need to cooperate with the government to do a good job of daily disinfection in the park, throwing garbage, delivering daily necessities to isolated residents, and doing disinfection.We have to do a lot of disinfection before and after the owners do nucleic acid in the park, and we also have to clean up medical waste for medical workers to ensure a safe and clean sanitary environment.”Li Wenting are cleaning up after using the disease resistance of items to the lunar New Year holiday, although village has been unsealed, but Li Wenting work center of gravity is still resistance to disease: “we recognize the epidemic prevention work is especially important during the Spring Festival this year, timing, xiaosha is very critical, we need special attention, timing regular garbage, do a good job in the public areas of sanitizers, etc.”This year because of the outbreak, many owners choose on New Year’s day, so the number of owners also increased than normal Li Wenting decoration with all park, hang lanterns, everyone, do the security check, distribution of Spring Festival couplets, alcohol, masks, etc., for everybody “hope the owners after the outbreak of the first time feel the atmosphere of the Spring Festival”.Wu Yan, the property manager of Chongqing Longhu No.1, also introduced the anti-epidemic situation during the Spring Festival: “During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure the home safety of the owners in the community, in addition to the daily temperature check and code check, our property management actively linked with the community, strictly verified the trip status of the owners who came back from other places and reported to the community.For homeowners who need to stay at home, we will do a good job in providing services, focusing on their daily needs and purchasing supplies for their homes.”When the heating pipe of the owner’s house leaked and the whole house was removed from the anti-epidemic work during the emergency period, many property owners still insisted on daily work during the Spring Festival.Liu Guanghong, cleaning foreman of Beijing Ocean Lijing Chang ‘an Project, has been engaged in property-related work since 2018 and has been working on her job every Spring Festival.”During the Spring Festival, the daily work basically falls on me. I need to go to work earlier to make arrangements and leave work later to make plans.”Liu guanghong was not idle. “Actually, it’s not complicated. It’s very detailed.In terms of garbage classification, I need to take the classification tool every day to patrol and inspect, find deficiencies, timely rectification, to ensure that the classification is correct.A lot of non-local employees have gone home for the Spring Festival, the hands are very tense, especially the periphery of the large amount of garbage, patrol inspection, often found that the barrel side is full of risk or pile needs to be handled in time, anyway is never idle, go where to help get a.”Taiyuan ocean still county on duty cleaning director Guo Turn leaf for reporters about to help owners deal with the house in the whole process of water leakage.”We here an owner because during the decoration of heating tube material understanding is not clear, using water pipe material transformation heating tube, leading to heating temperature at night, the original configuration of PE material and the owner after the replacement of PPR material is not compatible, water distributor burst, the whole house was bubble.””What makes it more difficult is that the owner himself is out of town and cannot come back for a while, so I am very anxious.Later, the owner told me about this situation, and I immediately coordinated relevant engineering personnel and cleaning personnel to deal with it.That day, I ran up and down to drain the hot water stored in the owner’s house and reported the treatment results to the owner in real time. It took me more than 2 hours to finally restore the owner’s home to its original appearance.Later I also on the downstairs has been decorated owners inside the water cleaning.In the next few days, every day to open Windows ventilation, so that the owners of the home as soon as possible.”Guo Zhuye told reporters.Just like everyone else, people who live in property estates feel homesick during the Spring Festival.Shanghai Daning Jinmao House order director Zhao Baoxiang told reporters about their Spring Festival.”We received an important notice in mid-January 2022 that employees are not required to leave Shanghai, but who doesn’t want a bowl of family reunion dinner?”Zhao baoxiang’s team is on patrol. “But first we have to do a good job.During the Spring Festival, we launched the “Peace Guard · Peace Year” and dispatched more armed patrols to patrol the homeowner’s moving line and leisure area from 17:00 to 20:00 every day and 02:00-04:00 the next day.During the shift, I always kept my mobile phone unblocked for 24 hours. In case of emergencies, I immediately reported to the company to start the emergency plan. Before 16:00 every day, ACCORDING to the requirements of the General management Department, I reported the on-duty situation in the group responsible for the project.””Some of the team members applied to go back home, and I talked with them one by one outside of work. Besides implementing the principles and thoughts of the headquarters, I also had in-depth communication with everyone, which alleviated the homesickness of the team members to a certain extent.”Zhao Baoxiang was moved by the words of a member of the team. He said, “Brother Xiang, although our post is called security guard by people, I will not go home for the Spring Festival this year. Is it also ‘giving up my small home for everyone’?””Looking at his smiling face, I nodded vigorously and patted him on the shoulder.When asked why she didn’t go home for the Spring Festival, Guo said, “I’m the youngest person in my department and my family is in the local area, so of course I let my older colleagues go home first.As a property service person, when the owners have problems, we must deal with them in the first time. We can’t delay the owners’ New Year and affect their reunion.”Kou Yu, the housekeeper of Beijing Longhu Yan LAN Xinchen, was touched by the family care.”For some special reason, the project will have a old man live alone, no family company, during the Chinese New Year to household care, so I just give a festive and company”, coach yu said, “when grandma took my hand and show me the photo of her family, I really very touched, also leave I eat dumplings, I feel like back to his home.”Daily Business News