Shangqiu: 134 municipal first secretary “big competition” on-site observation and assessment to promote promotion

2022-08-02 0 By

Henan Daily client reporter Li Fenghu, Henan Newspaper all media reporter Wu Jinxing/text picture “Through this visit, for our next better carry out work in the village, rural revitalization services to open up a new idea, I want to put good experience and practice ‘grafting’ to the resident, help resident village better development.”On the afternoon of February 11, Zhou Guangzhi, first Secretary of Xiaowudun Village, Sunfuji Town, Liangyuan District, shangqiu Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, said deeply when attending the inspection and assessment of the first secretary of Xiaowudun Village, Sunfuji Town, Shangqiu City in 2022, that the inspection and observation activities broadened everyone’s horizon, found the gap and enhanced their confidence.It is understood that in order to comprehensively, objectively and fairly evaluate the performance of the first secretary of the village dispatched by the city and the staff members stationed in the village, and stimulate the vitality of taking root at the grassroots level, the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee of Shangqiu organized the 2022 annual observation and assessment activities since February 11.The activity to take “other + duty visit to the scene + review questions + + household follow-up assessment score” manner, the city sent the first secretary of the work situation in the city village-by-village view, details about them in the party construction and development of leading industries, strengthen collective economy, the relationship between the masses closely, support measures to improve the quality of living environment improvement, etc, and support effect.”Secretary wang, the development of the village this year, how arrangement?”At the scene of xuzhuang Village evaluation in Shuangba Town, Liangyuan District, the village villagers asked Wang Chaolong, the first secretary of Shangqiu Municipal Political and Legal Committee in Xuzhuang Village.Although Wang Chaolong has not been in office for a long time, he has a beautiful blueprint for the development and planning of the village in his mind.It’s exciting to see the bright spots.Whether it is the poverty alleviation workshop with roaring machines, the farmland greenhouses with hope, or the beautiful livable new village, clean and tidy environment…Inspection team to the place, everywhere filled with busy scene, surging vitality.As far as we can see and hear, people are full of sense of gain, happiness and security, and behind them all are condensed the energy, wisdom and sweat of grassroots cadres and the masses.We are full of energy to discuss development.Along the way, the first secretaries have shown “unique skills”, show “family background”, the work carried out one by one, not only contrast “prescribed action”, but also show “optional highlights”.The “First Secretaries” interact with each other and show their achievements. At the same time, they also take the initiative to “dig problems” and “find shortcomings”, learn advanced, check shortcomings, plan for the future, and strive to put the help work into practice.In recent years, shangqiu gripped the country revitalization of strategic opportunity, give full play to the city of 134 sent the first secretary of the country revitalization “knife” and “lead” role, closely around to grasp party construction work to promote the revitalization of the country, consummate the mechanism, highlight the party leading, do a good job in the practical work of the people’s livelihood, enhance support results, make a new look at village,One weak village after another held up the new hope of rural revitalization, winning the trust of the people and the recognition of society.”, in accordance with requirements of the municipal party committee and BuWuHui, continue to deepen the management of ‘first secretary of the work and service, give full play to their in rural grass-roots party organization construction, the revitalization of the role of work and so on, in the first secretary of the residency first will blaze a path of socialism happiness sensing first village, let peasants in the village live a city people happiness of life.”Song Huiliang, chief of the organization Department of shangqiu Municipal Party Committee, said that the Municipal Party committee organization Department will do a solid job in the assessment of the first secretary of the city dispatched to the village, and promote the high-quality development of rural revitalization with high-quality assessment, and contribute to the construction of a new chapter of high-quality Shangqiu village.