Neixiang Branch of ecological environment conveyed and learned the 31st enterprise service day activity of Director Wang Zhongtian

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Ecological environment agency on February 8, province party secretary, director of the 31 Wang Zhongtian attend this enterprise service day activities and special reports, stressing the need to quickly implement the provincial “ten thousand people helped thousands of companies’ activities promote the conference spirit, adhere to the” ten thousand people to help thousands of companies “as a long-term solution to promote the development of high quality, make enterprise development have more confidence, business environment more optimization, economic growth is much more support,The secretary is more confident in entrepreneurship.On February 10, the township branch of nanyang Municipal Bureau of Ecology and environment organized the principal of the main enterprises under the area, all cadres and workers to convey the speech of Wang Zhongtian, director of the Department of ecology and environment, and deeply analyzed the ten contents of the beneficial enterprises launched by the ecological environment system.Liu Tao, secretary of the Party Group and director of Neixiang Sub-bureau, conveyed wang Zhongtian’s speech and arranged and deployed the next stage of Huiqi work in combination with “Huiqi Ten”.Liu tao stressed that all officials and staff should carry out the “Year of Capacity and Style Building” activities and implement the policy measures of “helping 10,000 enterprises”.Adhere to the strong pressure and clear responsibility, strengthen the result-oriented, establish the consciousness of “shopkeeper”, and effectively serve the development of enterprises.Should further tree prison service enterprise is the concept of constructing the deputy center city work, further tree prison don’t have to have a successful, I must be successful my mental state, with the style of empowerment, vigorously promotes the work to carry out the thick atmosphere, promote the provincial, city and county party and economic work conference decision deployment ground work, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors.Contribution: Neixiang Branch of Nanyang Ecological Environment Bureau