Check out the good and bad in domestic milk powder, here is the inside story you don’t know

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Speaking of domestic milk powder, the first word that comes to mind is “melamine”, and even for a period of time, domestic milk powder is synonymous with toxic milk powder.After the end of the Sanlu milk powder incident, the “storm” was still not over, and Chinese people’s trust in domestic milk powder dropped to the “freezing point” because of this incident. It is still unknown whether the precious parents are willing to buy domestic milk powder again.So after more than a decade, can the parents regain their trust in domestic milk powder?In fact, milk powder express want to say, at present, domestic milk powder can be trusted.In recent years, domestic milk powder has achieved leapfrog development, and the quality level of milk powder is also in the best period in history.We can not deny that there may still be melamine added milk powder production lines in the domestic market.However, we have reason to believe that the domestic milk powder market will become safer and more perfect under our witness.Today, milk powder express will give you an inventory of domestic milk powder in the good and bad, so that novice parents choose the real good milk powder.Synutra is a brand of Synutra. It is a golden milk source in France and produces fresh milk. The ratio of whey protein to casein reaches 9:1, and the amount of DHA is also high.Sanyuan Ailiyou is a super high-end infant formula of Sanyuan Food, using Hebei milk source, without any sensitive ingredients.7 special formula added: OPO structure fat, α -whey protein, lactoferrin, casein phosphopeptide, prebiotic combination, lutein, MFGM milk fat ball film278/800g Feihe Super Feifan Zhenaibeihu Feihe is the most popular milk powder brand in China at present. Feihe super Feifan Zhenaibeihu is a popular series under Feihe. The milk source is from Heilongjiang province, and the whole stage of fresh milk production.There are 4 special formulas added: lactoferrin, probiotics, lutein and hydrolytic protein. Price: 240/900g Good Beingmei Aijia Aijia is a popular milk powder brand under Beingmei. It uses heilongjiang milk source, and its DHA content is higher than the average level of milk powder with the same number in the market.Special formula added 3: lactoferrin, prebiotic combination, lutein240/800g Yili Jinling Crown Jinling Crown is a big single product of Yili infant formula, with good reputation and sales. The source of Zhenhu milk comes from yili’s exclusive pasture located at 45 degrees North latitude in China. However, skim milk powder has been added from the second section, which affects freshness.The special formula adds 6: OPO structure fat, α+β patent protein, probiotics, prebiotics combination, MFGM milk fat ball film, milk derived sialic acid.Junlebao belongs to a relatively young brand of domestic milk powder. To zhen uses hebei milk source, which is very different from the world’s gold milk source. Only 1 section uses fresh milk production, and 2 sections are mixed with reduced milk, and there is anhydrous cream in the raw material, which is not very good for newborn babies to absorb.The special formula added 5: lutein, prebiotic combination (oligosaccharide + oligosaccharide), OPO, casein phosphopeptic, α -whey protein.Jingcai is one of the popular series of Wandashan. The milk source is from Heilongjiang Province, and the raw materials include raw milk, desalted whey powder, skim milk powder and whey protein powder. The freshness is general.Moreover, the amount of DHA was not very high, the highest was only 0.19%.Special formula added 2: OPO and lactoferrin international mommy APP248/800g Delilandi Red Star Delilandi sheep milk powder is a kind of infant formula sheep milk powder containing pure goat milk protein, which is owned by Shaanxi Red Star Delilandi Co., LTD. The milk source is from the controlled pasture located in Fuping, Shaanxi Province. The basic raw material of the milk is raw goat milk + desalted goat whey powder, which is not as fresh as fresh milk.The special formula adds 3: OPO, lutein and probiotics. Jingjingapp Price: 498/800g Eligin Ruizi Lamb Ruizi Lamb milk is from the Netherlands, which belongs to the golden milk source zone. Raw materials include whole sheep milk powder and whey protein powder (source: goat milk), which is pure goat milk protein formula, but the freshness is not good.Special formula to add 3: prebiotics combination, probiotics, OPO structure fat International mommy APP price: 307/700g difference Iligin lead the title Of The Seine Seine is a popular brand in domestic organic milk powder, milk source in Denmark, origin in China, road transportation and secondary processing, fresh degree is general, but also increase the probability of contamination;And DHA content is low.Characteristic formula to add 3: alpha, whey protein, probiotics and prebiotics international mummy APP price: 280-310/800 g flying crane fly star sail star sail is flying crane’s trump card series, a more suitable for baby constitution have captured millions of mother’s heart, but this kind of milk powder performance is very general, marketing gimmick.The milk source came from Heilongjiang province. The first section of fresh milk was produced, and the second section was mixed with reduced milk. The DHA content was also general.Special formula added 4: lutein, OPO, CPP, hydrolyzed protein250-320/700g Yipini Lovely Nicke is an organic infant formula under Yipini Dairy, using heilongjiang Automatic Control organic pasture milk source located in 47° NORTH latitude, 1 section of raw milk, but after 2 sections of raw material also added desalted whey powder and skim milk powder, making milk powder freshness decreased.However, the amount of DHA added to this milk powder is quite good.0 special formula added: Due to the limitation of organic milk powder, Aniko milk powder has not added any special enhanced formula.International mommy APP price: 320 yuan /800g Choose milk powder comprehensive comparison platform reference – international mommy APP- Mother mother