Chaser light | World Cup draw settled!The head coaches lit up

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If the World Cup as the draw as a wonderful drama like the script in the framework of international football in the morning Beijing time 2 stars gathered in doha, the capital of Qatar, a handsome witnessed the fall of the 2022 World Cup group a, as the most important ahead of the 2022 World Cup “milestone” for the activities of the sign on the draw is excitingSteady out with the wind and save the energy to get the short strawHad exhausted out hard wire (of course also survived from) might relish every World Cup draw the most fans is the “group of death” “Roman holiday” and the enmity of inventory within the team addicted too big thing don’t tend to like to see the fans of teams, clubs are enjoying showdown, of course, in addition to their favourite in the “home”To draw on in the morning has to enter the World Cup team and will be in June 29 through the play-offs to determine three seats divided into eight groups in the process of the draw you attend team coach expressions differ some dignified serious some relaxing some perhaps secretly having let us through several coach microexpressions know about the World Cup group stage win situationDoor “gallic rooster” talent coach didier deschamps tzu complacency his laughter may reveal such an opponent who is not important France eventually fall in group D sits together with Denmark for probability nobody can know lerner, great in that group with Argentina, Mexico, Poland what’s on the micro frowning brows, slightly reflexed the corners of the mouth imperceptible nod slightly expression tubeLaugh very hard and on the back of the more intriguing than fans are looking forward to the group “lai wan” messi war drama “straw hat legion” Mexico will not willing to act as the background plate and the probability of this group of weakest Saudi spoiler is not high but also try to brush a stronger presence ah frick learned with the Spanish group when she chuckled, swallow a mouthful of saliva is on the inhibition of the heartYao really stimulus as the second leg at this World Cup team’s coach, is the character of all seeds to avoid he can clear with the world’s top seven giants almost impossible to avoid the fate of don’t know, after finger tapping the notebook wrote the battle plan, keep a know what setting when the expression is called surface does not change colorJapan, who almost beat Belgium in 2018, now face Germany and Spain looking to break out of the groupExtremely difficult World Cup qualifier match stage 12 Japan had a setback is now being pumped into the “group of death” bad luck for some (write Japanese fans said Japan’s World Cup is over) facing Japanese netizen “halls” sorrow, guaranteed to shake a samurai blue into eight goals will be first to the group stages when a group is with Portugal, UruguayCoach paulo bento the bitterness of the heart as if the chin are written in the face of scratched face the Portuguese is a representative figure of Portugal “golden generation” was in positions his Portugal coach into the strong euro 4 and 8 months he will stand on the bench on the other side of the aisle to lead the team in the World Cup against his country on both sides and 2002 historical disputesBento was there 20 years after Portugal’s “golden generation” failed to reach the group stage of the 2006 World Cup in Japan and KoreaThe two teams meet again in the World Cup will be the bento led South Korea in the group stages of the biggest test of the Qatar will be held in the Middle East countries of the World Cup for the first time will be at the World Cup was held in the northern hemisphere winter for the first time in November 21 solstice December 18th held in Qatar with 8 venues which team consists of performance are you most looking forward to?Reporter: Zhao Jiantong, Xiao Shiyao Editor: Hu Jiali, Lu Yuchen, Wu Bowen part of the picture source network