Art from the New Year | he is Zhang Daqian’s second brother to “tiger crazy” famous art circles at home and abroad

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It’s the end of the year again, the year of the Tiger in the Lunar calendar.”Tiger” has also become a topic of interest.In the history of Chinese painting, “tiger” became one of the creative elements of ancient people thousands of years ago.As the saying goes, “It is hard to paint a tiger’s skin than its bones.” The charm and attitude of the tiger are the most difficult to show.Without a detailed observation of the tiger, it is impossible to draw the tiger alive on paper.There is such a painter, he is the Chinese painting master Zhang Daqian’s second brother, because of obsession with painting tigers, people called “tiger crazy”.In order to draw good tigers, he raised tigers himself for sketching, carefully observing the various forms of tigers, the tigers painted vivid, rich in charm.After the July 7th Incident, he painted a Group of Tigers, entitled Roar, China!, the metaphor of the Chinese nation’s indomitable spirit, known as the world’s treasures.He is Zhang Shan Mayer.Zhang Shanmayer (1882-1940), given his given name Ze and courtesy name Shan, was born in Neijiang, Sichuan province.Poetry, good prose, fine identification, landscape, figures, flowers and birds painting omnipotent, especially skilled in painting tigers.In ancient times, due to limited conditions, the ancients could not see the real tiger, and most of them were made up.Zhang Gemelli was different. He and other artists risked their lives to sketch in tiger infested areas.He even raised a tiger himself and observed the tigers from day to day.Therefore, he and his contemporaries took tiger painting to a new height and were honored as “Tiger Gong”.”Xiao Feng Zhenyu”, Zhang Shanmayer, Chinese painting Under the pen of Zhang Shanmayer tigers, some hold their head high, some monopolize a party, some live in groups and play.Each tiger looks different and has its own characteristics.All the muscles, ridges, shoulders and PAWS of the tiger in the painting are magnificent, pure and vivid, representing the life of the tiger.Blame: Jia Ting Yi