An exclusive interview with the winter Olympic Torch design team: Oriental beauty, different from western “industrial sense”

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The “Auspicious cloud” torch and the “picture scroll” torch tower of the opening ceremony are symbolic memories of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games for China and the world.Fourteen years later, the “flying” torch ribbon and the gradual pattern of auspicious clouds and snowflakes told the world that the Olympics had returned to Beijing.This time, it is a grand event of the Winter Olympics, Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou three areas are ready.On February 2, the torch relay began in Beijing.Before the torch relay launch ceremony, interviewed the chief designer of the torch appearance design team Li Jianye, team design coordinator Xue Zhichao, and listened to them talk about the “flying” torch from scratch.They like cooking gourmet chef, will “double the city”, “do the green”, “into the future together”, such as the Olympic idea, with the “natural rule, harmony between man and nature” Chinese philosophical fusion, to seize the inspiration brought by a leaf, in the aerospace science and technology, Shanghai petrochemical technology team, with the help of conquer all the difficulties, to create the Olympic history the first torch, in the form of natural open”This is the beauty of the Eastern style, which is different from the western industrial sense.”At the critical moment, the plan to stay up late received positive feedback from the organizing committee.The rainbow over Beijing twice, let them feel “magic”, sigh “screenwriters dare not write so”, but also verified the old saying “after the storm there is a rainbow”.”Double Olympic City” : From auspicious clouds to snowflake in April 2020, the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) invited the public to design the torch. Professional colleges and design companies from all over the country enthusiastically participated in the competition, and submitted 182 applications.In the end, Alibaba designed the appearance of the torch, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation developed the shell material of the torch, and Sinopec designed the combustion system. A number of designers and engineers from the three companies jointly completed the “flying” torch.The design of the Torch for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games is unveiled at the Water Cube of the National Aquatics Center on February 4, 2021, marking the one-year countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.This torch is not only safe and reliable, can withstand wind level 10, can be used in extremely cold weather, but also the Olympic history of the first natural open form of the torch.Behind the appearance of the torch in the form of ribbons contains multiple concepts such as “Double Olympic City”.Among them, the “Double Olympic City” has received special attention from the organizing committee and the design team — Beijing is about to become the only city in the world to host both the Summer and winter Olympics.According to the design team, their first shortlisted designs include “China Core”, which is also the “core” of the “chip”. Its overall image echoes the main torch tower of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.The team believes this is one of the reasons the design was selected.The final “flying” torch is also a rotating upward shape, echoing the main torch tower in 2008.At the same time, the gradual pattern of the torch from auspicious clouds to snowflakes, red and silver colors, are also associated with 2008.Auspicious clouds represent 2008 and snowflakes represent the 2022 Winter Olympics.Therefore, “flying” in the shape and pattern of the torch, to achieve the “Double Olympic City” heritage and development.It is worth noting that there are innovations in the echoes of the torch, such as the silver and red gradients, the design and the material craftsmanship.”Flying” more breakthrough is the burning method, not inside a burning head barrel torch.Its appearance is like a ribbon, hollow shape looks more open and free, different from the closed shape of the torch.This kind of formal innovation also brought the innovation of export structure.Its flame is different from the previous torch with a fire in the middle. There is a sandwich structure between the two layers of the flame inside and outside the torch. The flame comes out from between the cracks in a sinuous upward shape, which is integrated with the shape of the ribbon itself.Li Jianye said many of the torches look rational and industrial.The overall lines of “flying” are more natural, gentle and beautiful, with a taste of “Taoism of nature, harmony of nature and man” said in China.In the interview, the design team mentioned the Traditional Chinese wisdom of “Tao Follows nature and Nature integrates man with nature” more than once.Recalling the creation process, they felt that the most difficult was after the project team was selected.The original plan was just “an entrance ticket”. The next step is not to make some changes in the plan. The organizing committee requires more breakthrough and updated ideas.”It is difficult to make a creative breakthrough because we have to find inspiration and trace our culture from scratch, because we usually deal with some commercial or technological projects, like the torch project for the first time, the concept change is a big challenge.”Team design coordinator Xue Zhichao said.They didn’t have a clue at first, and did a lot of cultural sorting, covering the world, China, Beijing, the Olympics and other dimensions.As a carrier, the torch is not only used for relay, but also to express the cultural spirit of the country and the appearance of the city. The team needs to abstract and extract so much information and condense it into a concrete design.During this period, they saw “the law of nature, the unity of nature and man” on the first page of PPT of winter Olympics landscape design report.This is also one of the main design concepts of the Winter Olympics logo.Li Jianye revealed: “I didn’t think so at first, but later I went to study the visual landscape of the Whole Winter Olympics. I saw the vast sky and earth in the main visual picture from the map of Thousands of Rivers and Mountains, including mountains, wind and snow, as well as man-made objects such as the Great Wall.Then I realized that our relationship with nature is different from that of western society. Maybe we live in peace with it, unlike the West, which has the idea of conquering nature and transforming nature.”The concept of “following nature and integrating man with nature” gives a direction to the design, and also sets the concept of the fluttering shape and the burning way of the ribbon edge, which is a poetic expression of The Olympics in China.However, “when the concept is confirmed, the challenge of turning it into a more concrete shape is very, very big. Every time I go to report it, I am almost rejected. Then I have to report a new proposal the next day, which is very tiring and difficult.”Later, a slightly curved leaf allowed the team to find a concrete way to realize the design concept.The original creation is through the computer, the spiral lines have been more mechanical, stiff.The team also sought the help of the professor from the Sculpture Department of CafA to shape and explore with hands in the way of sculpture.”Flying” has a natural shape and no straight line. It may have its own unique taste from every Angle.When it came time to incorporate the combustion system into the torch’s design, it took a lot of work because hydrogen has a much larger combustion system than conventional propane.Because the design itself can not compromise too much, can only do some fine tuning.”Can this be made, or what is it made of?”Mr. Li described the process as “thrilling” for him.While Tokyo has also used hydrogen, the Beijing Olympic torch relay is “the first time hydrogen has been fully used.”Hydrogen fuel is difficult to use, storage, transportation and combustion of hydrogen are difficult.With the help of aerospace science and technology, “Flying” uses the world’s leading technology in hydrogen fuel preparation, storage and use.”Hydrogen comes from water and becomes water after combustion. This cycle of fire and water also reflects the concept of ‘green Olympic Games’,” the team said.And the shell of the torch.To achieve complex shapes and reduce weight, Feiyang uses a three-dimensional carbon fiber weaving process provided by Shanghai Petrochemical.There is also a difficulty: carbon fiber itself is not resistant to high temperatures, only to 500 degrees, Shanghai Petrochemical has made technical adjustments.During that time, they witnessed “rainbows after storms”.At the decisive moment of “break out” or “fail”, the appearance design plan made by staying up late got positive feedback from the organizing committee, and the project team met rainbow twice in Beijing.Delighted at the recognition of their hard work, the team sighed: “It feels like the writers are afraid to write this.””This is the beauty of the East, and the western sense of industrial things are not the same” “flying” received netizens generally praise, it is not very like a specific shape, or like a traditional artifacts, the viewer can feel it.Natural & quot;Elements.Related to her professional experience, Li Jianye has many western designer friends. When talking about their feedback, she said, “When they may not understand the concept or concept of torch, they feel that ‘flying’ is very beautiful. They feel that it is Chinese and Eastern style beauty, which is different from their industrial sense.””From their feedback, I like and appreciate this kind of Olympic torch.”It has been a year since the torch design was officially announced. Have you had any new ideas?The chief designer and design coordinator expressed their satisfaction with the form and concept of “Flying”.But as designers, they also look at the internal assembly of products that no one else can see, to see if they can be refined to make it easier to mass produce.Later, “flying” also with the torch logo, torch relay lighting, lighting ceremony, etc. together, formed the Beijing Winter Olympics “torch family”.Among them, the creativeness of the fire lamp comes from the “first lamp in China” — the changxin palace lamp of the Western Han Dynasty, and the creativeness of the fire table comes from the traditional Chinese bronze ritual vessel — Zun, which has the shadow of red ribbon in the form.The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is just 2 days away.The design team, whose age ranges from the 70s to 90s, includes people who visited the 2008 opening ceremony or worked for the International liaison department of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympic Games.They collectively studied Chinese culture in their creation and had a deep understanding of the Olympics.They are now also curious, two days later, how the opening ceremony of the main flame will be lit, opened the curtain of the ice and snow engagement?