A tribute to the ordinary people behind China’s ice and snow, Kuaishou’s first homemade Olympic documentary “20” was officially launched on January 24

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As the countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics begins in 10 days, a nationwide enthusiasm for the games has been generated online and offline.Kuaishou, the official rights-holding broadcaster of this Year’s Winter Olympics, launched its first homemade Olympic documentary “20” on January 24, paying tribute to the ordinary people behind the ice and snow in China.”20″ series 8 sets of video, mainly around the key figures “20”, and “every figure in the snow and ice are worthy of record” the core, through 20 years, 20, 20, 20 times, 20 m/s key units, such as about quickly platform in ice and snow man of extraordinary life story.In the 20 years from 2002, when China won its first gold medal in the Winter Olympics, to 2022, when China will host the Winter Olympics, countless fresh faces have driven China’s snow and ice industry by leaps and leaps.These people are not the focus of the Olympic Games, but the ordinary people behind the Olympic Games can not be abandoned, they lit the fire of the Winter Olympics with love and persistence.Twenty focuses on the ordinary people behind the ice and snow in China,Lead the audience to SKI coach @SKI Xie Ting (133665430), SKI resort operator @Sown Happiness (1739147820), nearly 70 years old SKI enthusiast @aixue (2683915466), ice hockey team teenager and coach @Yu Mingrunze (152589500), former national team SKI player @snowboard due to injuryGirls (476142412), curling player @Chang Lei (2165639405), chongli b&B owner @B&B hotel owner (154918606), Winter Olympics college student volunteer @Xiao Lin (646313649), and other ordinary ice people with different ages, careers and life experiences.This year, the 35-year-old international SKI coach @SKI Xie Ting, from Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, once worked in Beijing, ran a shuttle bus in Chongli, worked as a security guard in the SKI resort.Later, his life changed because of snow, ice and the Winter Olympics. He not only opened a ski club, but also became a national judge of alpine skiing events in 2020.Xie’s daily skiing videos shared in Kuaishou also make more people feel the charm of this sport.Also a native of Chongli, Xiao Le, the 32-year-old owner of @B&B Hotel, worked as a security check in Beijing and sold clothes in Zhangjiakou clothing store before returning to Chongli in 2014 to run an apartment.Since Beijing and Zhangjiakou won the bid for the Winter Olympics, xiao Le’s business has been booming thanks to the Winter Olympics and the skiing industry. She now manages more than 20 hotels and apartments.@Chang Lei, a film and television worker, has been immersed in curling since he first experienced the sport in his hometown Harbin during the Spring Festival in 2015. After he returned to Beijing, he made up his mind to learn curling and hired a coach of a professional curling team to teach.His coach is Zhao Shizeng, one of China’s first curlers and a professional ice maker.Now Chang Lei has been a curler for 5 years.Multiple derivative content + popular interactive activities, opens the brigade of panoramic games in the national games are Beijing, besides launching homemade Olympic documentary, quickly as the Beijing 2022 Olympics official broadcaster, and popularity of the international community of sports, also build the multiple derivative content, interactive activities and universal, high viscosity, in multiple ways power games event.Among them, Kuaishou launched an ink-style paper flipping animation short film called “Breaking the Cocoon” in the countdown of 30 days, which quickly set the whole Internet on fire.With the unique perspective of Lao Tie, the film shows the charm of seven major snow and ice sports, including skiing, biathlon, skating and curling, and encourages Chinese athletes to prepare for the Winter Olympics.During the Olympics, quickly will also launch event related content, including but not limited to Olympic athletes excellent short video collection, Olympic champion the trivia, the content of mixed cut, the heat of the event list, etc., in line with the short video, live broadcast time propagation law content, omni-directional meets the audience quickly understand the latest situation of the event and the field inside and outside the story and the demand.For example, ice and Snow Express, which focuses on hot events and highlights during the Winter Olympics, will be assisted by a number of stars and big VS, leading the audience to quickly understand the gold medal points of The Chinese team and comprehensively grasp the hot topics.The talk show “Ice Hero” allows users to learn about ice sports, appreciate athletes’ highlights on the field, and explore their lively side off the field.In addition, Kuaishou will also extend the winter Olympics hotspot to other areas, creating sports entertainment and crossover variety shows such as “Ice And Snow Team Encounter” and “Lunar New Year Flavor ice and Snow Season”.At the same time, Kuaishou also launched a number of winter Olympics theme interactive activities.Among them, kuaishou and BoCOG jointly launched the short video challenge “Happy Winter Olympics Season for all”, which has attracted a large number of winter sports fans to participate in and set off a wave of ice and snow sports in Kuaishou station.And quickly launched jointly by state general administration of sports group company of “the games are the National People’s Congress cafe group” was also recently formally formed, including star head sweet scene, li yongde, He Hongshan, Chen Rexuan, the games are summer Olympic champion zhang, Chen Yu fe, deng yaping, the Chinese super league champions goalkeeper wang lei, nine days after pan xiaoting and other star athletes, and big V’s got talent and the creator of the games volunteers, etc.,In addition, the International Olympic Committee, Xinhua News Agency, huanqiu and other organizations and media also joined the “Winter Olympics 100 people coffee group” team.They will record every aspect of the Beijing Winter Olympics through short videos and live broadcasts during the Games.Quickly as Beijing 2022 Olympic official rights holding broadcaster, the world’s first participation in the Olympic sports broadcast short video, live broadcast platform, from the event, content, interactive play multiple dimensions such as comprehensive, panoramic present every moment, both inside and outside the Olympic let the user experience a good-looking and fun games.