A meter high view of the city’s Aojiang “drifting bottle” warm plight of the childlike innocence

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On the playground of Aojiang Central Kindergarten in Pingyang County, Wenzhou, Yunyun (pseudonym) is riding a brand new bicycle with a bright smile on her face.It turned out that yunyun realized her New Year’s wish through an innovative initiative of aojiang Women’s Federation — a drifting bottle.In September 2021, after the aojiang Fund for Girls in distress was established, the Aojiang Women’s Federation launched the “drifting bottle” initiative, which allows children to write and draw their New Year’s wishes and put them in the bottle. After receiving the wishes from female entrepreneurs, they can help them achieve their New Year’s wishes and at the same time reduce their psychological burden.So far, the Aojiang Women’s Federation has helped 19 girls in distress by sending them a message in a bottle.This is also the implementation of Aojiang Town’s efforts to promote the construction of a child-friendly city in the county, build a friendly city for all ages, and set a benchmark for people’s well-being.”Girls in need have always been the focus of our attention.After the foundation was set up, we had more power to help them.”Aojiang Chamber of Commerce women’s federation executive committee said.On September 8, 2021, in Sanlian Transmission Machinery Co., LTD., initiated by the mobilization of pingyang County Women’s Federation, sanlian Transmission Machinery Co., LTD., Hongtai Gear Manufacturing Co., LTD., Ouya Pipe Industry Co., LTD., and other responsible persons donated 10,000 yuan of love to the fund for girls in distress.Driven by the enterprises, the participants of aojiang Chamber of Commerce women’s Federation made donations one after another, collecting 61,000 yuan in the first batch.It was agreed that the money should be used well so that girls in need can feel the care from all walks of life.Zheng Yuqin, a deputy of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, executive vice president of Aojiang Chamber of Commerce, and chairwoman of aojiang Chamber of Commerce women’s Federation, has been engaged in early childhood education for more than 30 years. She pays great attention to the establishment of the Fund for girls in distress.She said that the establishment of the Fund reflects the positive and charitable character of aojiang women entrepreneurs, and also shows the “Aojiang spirit” of selfless love and helping the needy.In order to make good use of the donations, the Aojiang Chamber of Commerce women’s Federation contacted the community and village women’s federation through the Town women’s Federation to comprehensively model the plight of girls in Aojiang, including personal and family plight, family annual income, etc.After analyzing the situation of more than 40 girls in distress in the first batch, we selected 19 girls who were in urgent need of help and started to help them immediately.”Girls from poor families are especially sensible, sensitive and stubborn. While helping them, we should always pay attention to their psychology.Help them in a way they can easily accept.”Adhering to the concept of “following the heart”, the Aojiang Chamber of Commerce women’s Federation and female entrepreneurs happen to see eye to eye. They believe that we should consider problems from the perspective of girls, which resonates with their ideas and needs.After much discussion, they agree on, through the game to help girls to finish the New Year’s wish: a nice bottle, “floating” to trouble girl home, they opened the bottle, take out wish paper, write or draw on New Year’s wish, and then back to wish a pot, claimed by love women entrepreneurs, realize the girl’s wish.Warm pursuit of bottles to implement on January 18, 2022, aojiang chamber of commerce federation of 11 women entrepreneurs, meet in women’s and children’s activity center, the aojiang river park analysis “bottle” claim rules, how to open the bottle, how to implement New Year wishes for girls, are discussed in this paper, to help girls develop the confidence to face the difficulty.On the same day, Zheng Yuqin, who went to Hangzhou to attend the provincial two sessions, called during the meeting and asked the school teacher to help her claim two wishes.”1. I want to give my father a pair of oversized gloves, because my father’s left and right hands are injured and hurt in the wind.””2. Buy a microwave for mom so she doesn’t have to work hard to heat food when she comes home from work.””3. Buy your brother a City Police Department lego set.””4. Get yourself a cute pink hand ledger set to keep track of your day.”When the aojiang Women’s Federation staff went to collect the bottles, they could not hold back their tears.In children’s eyes, the needs of their families come before their own.”Your love is the sun in the children’s hearts, and they will become braver when they meet difficulties in the future.”Zhang Haizhen, chairman of aojiang Town Women’s Federation, said emotionally to aojiang women entrepreneurs at the ceremony.True feelings opened their hearts junior high school students Si Si (pseudonym) lives in Fengli village.The family had no income because the father was ill and could not work.Her New Year’s resolution is a pair of sneakers, a bicycle and a doll.Drifting bottle by Wenzhou easy square line real estate marketing limited company general manager Liu Shaowei claim.Liu Shaowei for the first time and think take contact, agreed to take her to complete the wish.In the short contact with Liu Shaowei, Si Si slowly opened her heart, telling these years of growth experience.A pair of sneakers, a bicycle and a doll helped Sisi fulfill her New Year’s wish and took her to her first hot pot meal.”Can I call you sister?”On the way back si Si sincerely looked at Liu Shaowei said.”Later, I communicated with her as a sister, and said that girls should not only read good books, but also develop a good character. They should also pay attention to their image, not to be bent back, and to cultivate their temperament from childhood. We also agreed on the time to meet next time.”Liu Shaowei said happily.Scenes of care, women and women’s inner collision, dispersed the girls’ inner cower and inferiority, let them regain confidence.These are just an epitome of aojiang’s efforts to create a child-friendly city.In the future, Aojiang Women’s Federation will continue to open the hearts of girls in difficulties and help them to grow up in a sunny and happy way.All articles, pictures copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact to delete