Woman resents marriage before marriage, but does not want to return all 60,000 yuan bride price: My chastity is not worth money?

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To start with, marriage is no joke.It is not uncommon for a literary friend to write an article in front of many literary friends when he went back to his hometown for the Spring Festival this year. In the era of popular “we media”, who has no skills?But in her hometown is not the same, can make money with the text, in the eyes of the neighbors is wenqu Star, god general existence.For the record, this wenyou is from a remote village.When she returned home, she encountered a troubling situation. A distant relative of hers sought her out and wanted her to do justice for their family.It turned out that a daughter of relatives had reached the age of talking about marriage. A few years ago, she met a boy through a matchmaker. At the beginning of the meeting, they were satisfied with the bride price, and the two began to communicate.Then the two went out to work together, began to live together.But as the intercourse deepens, the girl does not want, because the boy temper is bad.Once two people quarrel, the boy even began to beat the girl, the girl completely give up, returned to the hometown, and the boy broke off the relationship, completely repented marriage.But during the Spring Festival, the boy who worked outside came back. He first came to the girl’s house and wanted to pick up the girl to go to his home for the Spring Festival, but the girl did not want to see him.The boy called his parents and some relatives and demanded that the girl’s family return the bride price.The girl’s parents think that the boy is not good for the girl, and they already live together, the girl’s “reputation” is bad, their family should compensate for the loss.Quarreling, the girl finally only wish to return half of the bride price – 30 thousand yuan.The boy’s family is unwilling to ask for a full refund of the sixty thousand yuan dowry.The girl’s parents’ point of view is that if the daughter sleeps with the boy, it is not a beautiful girl, and she will not get married in the future, and her life will probably be ruined by the boy.”Is my daughter’s chastity worth thirty thousand dollars?”So the girl’s parents want to ask my literary friend to help their family to reason.Wenyou is very difficult, after all, this matter is reasonable or not legal.Wen you talk about this thing hard, happy to go home for the New Year, but did not expect so embarrassed.Thirty thousand dollars back, or not back?The Internet knows that.Bride price is not a marriage certificate, the girls must be clear-headed, one false step will lead to everlasting regret!02. Legally, for the purpose of marriage, the house, the car and the gift of the bride price belong to a kind of agreement before marriage, if the marriage is not formed, it should be returned.There is a famous case.Lu spent more than 300,000 yuan on her son’s wedding last June.Before marriage, the daughter – in – law and son get along just the same.So the couple both sides agreed the date, sent an invitation, prepared a grand wedding.The son led the wedding procession, enthusiastically married back to the new bride.The accident happened while the host was presiding over the ceremony.Just over the door of the daughter-in-law unexpectedly in the wedding scene, in front of many guests claimed to be “sick” kneel to repent.Many guests wow, the groom’s family is startled, at a loss.The groom’s family was also sensible, and did not treat the bride well, nor did they blame her too much, but asked her: since she does not want to get married, why not say in advance.The bride said, No.The groom’s family didn’t bother her any more.The man finally agreed to end the marriage, but she refused to accept his statement that the bride price should be returned in full.Lu filed a lawsuit with the local people’s Court. The court ordered the woman to return the money and bride price of 220,000 yuan and bear all the costs of the lawsuit. The case was later enforced.Smart girls know that betrothal gifts are not their own property and they will be returned if they do not get married.Marriage is a big thing, it should be considered before marriage, otherwise to go back on the wedding, not only embarrassed themselves, but also embarrassed others.03 “I raise you” is one of the most poisonous love words, but there are many such silly girls in this world.”Xiaoqiang Hotline” once broadcast a story of Ms. Xu.Ms Xu, 26, met her boyfriend Mr Yu when she was working in Hangzhou.In fact, she did not like Mr. Yu from the very beginning, but Mr. Yu was lavish and would transfer money to her on both big and small festivals. Each transfer was at least 5,200 yuan, and the largest was even 110,000 yuan.It wasn’t long before Xu was so attracted by such a romantic and rich man that she quit her job and lived a similar life to that of a rich wife.What moved Ms. Xu more was that after she resigned, Mr. Yu not only did not suspect that she had no income, but also spoiled her more than before.In addition to lavish gifts and living expenses, Yu bought her a car for 400,000 yuan and registered it under her name.However, after two years of dating, their relationship became problematic, so Xu asked Yu to break up with her, but she was not only rejected by yu, but also asked her to return all the money she had spent on her in the two years of dating, including the car registered in her name of 400,000 yuan., nature is not willing to ms xu deadlocked for a period of time, two people shocked the ms xu, Mr Yu will actually two people during two years of all consumption and transfer voucher printed as evidence will be sued, claiming that the money is not the ordinary gift, but to get married for the purpose of the dowry, now that the woman break up, then of course his want your money back.For Mr Yu, Ms. Xu completely disagree, she said she and the man is pure love relationship, even their parents are not met, they don’t have to talk about marriage, as for the notion of the man called the dowry is nonsense, so she believes that the law will give yourself a fair, after the end of the results of trial, however, is a blow to her,The court ordered her to refund the man 860,000 yuan, which xu was devastated by, saying, “I have been with you for so long. My youth and chastity can’t be measured by money.”In the second trial, Ms Xu still lost.Mr. Yu also provided a new piece of evidence in court, is the two of them chat records, during their relationship had talked about meeting parents, and also discussed how to send a red envelope to the mother-in-law.The court found that Ms. Xu knew she was in a relationship with Mr. Yu for the purpose of marriage, but she did not want to marry, so Ms. Xu still lost the lawsuit.Her association with Yu wasted her youth, leaving Xu saddled with high debts and a bad reputation.A message on the Internet: a girl and her boyfriend have been in love for 4 years.After living together for three years, the relationship fell apart and finally broke up.”Under the guise of affection, she treats me like a long-term meal ticket,” the girl said for her ex-boyfriend, who had two miscarriages in three years.When they broke up, her boyfriend asked her to return the money she spent in love, but she ignored it.Her boyfriend calculated all the expenses of love, big to 35,000, small to more than ten yuan, a total of 290,000, in the name of private lending to her claim.Took her to court.In court, the girl explained the bills one by one.The $290,000 bill included several years of rent and living expenses for both of them.The highest amount of 35,000 yuan was also paid by her ex-boyfriend’s credit card, as well as the cost of surgical examinations and physical care for two abortions.The former boyfriend touch porcelain, fortunately the court did not spoil him, judge refuted.But we all know that the girl won the lawsuit, but she lost from the beginning with her ex-boyfriend.In a word, without the protection of law, your chastity is worthless!Do you support cohabitation before marriage?Should all betrothal gifts be returned after cohabitation before marriage?Feel free to leave a comment.# New Year diary # article/Mu Zimo, pictures: from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.I am Mu Zi mo, multi-platform millions of popular article author, I have a pen, only to write the warm and cold, if you also have a story, welcome to leave a message or private letter to tell me, I am waiting for you here.Huang xiaoming angelababy officer xuan divorce, a few hundred million wedding of the century also failed to ensure long-term relationships didn’t marry the wrong person: mother-in-law a few months didn’t sleep the whole help with Eva, son-in-law send bracelet gratitude the bride to wear shorts slippers meeting the bride marry: who let me not happy, but also for the I let them to learn more wonderful content, quick attention to teil